Hell of a hike! Took me about three hours just to get from one trailhead to the the other. It was a very slow hike.

Spiderwebs covered the trail, so I got about 200 yards in taking about 15 spiderwebs to the face before I decided I needed to wave a stick in front of my face the whole time.

Tons of parts were overgrown and the trail was difficult to find at times. Looks like there is very little trail maintenance.

However, I thought it was an awesome trail. I would definitely suggest doing this in early Spring or Fall though.

Also, I didn't pass anyone so if you are hiking alone I would be cautious!

gorgeous lake view! i hike every week and to do the whole thing and back was brutal. definitely difficult. loved the challenge!

tough hike and if it's warm out dress for the heat. but the views make it all worth it, and sneak off trail when you get close to the rivers. edge and have a nice spot to chill.

Beautiful trail! Trail snakes in and out near the river. Some difficult terrain uphill and mud but fairly maintained. Beautiful wildflowers spotted. Trillium, Trout Lilies, and Falling Stars. Trail is hard to spot from the road. Must turn off onto Scenic Overlook and trail is nearby. Definitely a fun day hike.

Trail clearly marked with blue paint. Some spots leveled out while others were aggressive. Views are awesome. We hiked roughly 2 miles in from the Bearwaller gap trailhead (not overlook end). Wear proper gear. Some spots are not for your average nature walker. Don't underestimate the split of easy and difficult paths. Difficult route is for slightly more experienced hikers. Can't wait to come back!

Awesome trail. Gorgeous views! I would rate it as moderate, not hard, but it's still a challenging hike. Pretty lite traffic. We hiked it in early March on a perfect day for hiking; maybe saw 10-12 other hikers the entire way. Loved it!

BEAUTFUL views. My boyfriend and I love to go hiking and this one was one of our favorites. Lovely hilly area and the views were amazing. Don't under estimate it tho. Going down is fine but when you come back up it's a workout. I would love to come back again. Completely clean, trails well marked, bathrooms and just a beautiful view

3 months ago

Great trail. There are a lot of hills to walk up and down with scenic vistas along the Cumberland River. Hiked it in mid-February. You can park overnight at either trail head. One point of clarification, the 9.8 mileage listed in the profile is the mileage for an out and back hike. If you were to hike from one trail head to the other it is approximately 5 miles. I camped at the eastern trailhead near the river and had the entire park to myself. It looks like it would be very popular during the summers for car camping, but it is also a great spot if you want a quiet night in the off season. There are also plenty of flat enough areas for backcountry camping along the way. There is a decent supply of water throughout the trail if you need to replenish.

We did an overnight trip. The campsite is great and had a spring.

I loved this trail. We hiked it on Nov. 11, 2016. We dropped a car at Tater Knob Overlook and then drove a few short miles to the Defeated Creek Campground to start the trail, so we only did about 6 miles (the full trail, but not out and back). We saw 7 other hikers. It took us about 4 hours at a slow, leisurely pace (I had a baby 3 months ago). The biggest inclines seemed to be right off the bat through the stone garden to start and at the very end up to the overlook. There were lots of long flat sections. The trail is very narrow in places, but not a problem in the late fall/winter. It is also very wide in places, like an old service road. Since the leaves were off of the trees we had a view of the river for at least 85% of the trail, which was amazing. There is a GREAT overlook at about mile 2. The campsite is a nice stopping point for a snack and bathroom break at 2.5/3 miles in. There are awesome rock formations, interesting cave like holes, old stone walls and pillars from a former homestead, interesting plants (cactus-not expecting to see that) and enough ups and downs to feel like you're getting a good workout. There would be quite a few creek/water crossings, but we have had a really dry fall so they were all dry, as was the spring at the campsite. I can definitely see how the trail wouldn't be great when the trees/shrubs are in bloom though. The trail is quite overgrown, so I would stick to late fall-early Spring. The trail is market almost too well with blue spray paint blazes and some arrow placards and mile markers. I highly recommend the Timberloft Restaurant just off of I-40 in Carthage for your after hike meal. Happy hiking!

It was alright. took my kids some of the spots were hard for them.