Cumberland Mountain State Park is situated on the Cumberland Plateau, a segment of the great upland, which extends from western New York to central Alabama. It is said to be the largest timbered plateau in America. This 1,720-acre park was acquired in 1938 as a project of the Farm Security Administration to provide a recreational area for some 250 families selected to homestead on the Cumberland Plateau. The Homestead Museum, located one mile from the park, depicts the Cumberland Homestead Community of the 1930's. This community built the park along with help from the CCC and WPA.

Beautiful trail, lots of roots and rocks - watch your feet for sure! Gorgeous overhanging foliage, but would be super tight if you had a kiddo in a backpack. Would definitely try the longer trail (4 miles versus 2) next time.

Beautiful view!

2 months ago

Pretty trail, for the most part. Still has some things that need to be cleaned up from the ice storm a few years ago.

2 months ago

I loved this park. The trails are clear enough to do a longer hike and roll up and down a bit. There is a gorgeous view to the river, lake and water. It is very peaceful. I would highly recommend staying on the side away from the main road or you will wind up walking along the busy road for a stretch. I think it is the blue and yellow trails that are along the road for a while. Otherwise the scenery is idyllic and it was not busy at all when my dog and I hiked here. The few people we encountered were very kind and lovely. I loved this place! ( don’t let the drive TO the park deter you from going, the surrounding areas leave quite a bit to be desired).

Good trail, swinging bridge and overlook rock are interesting. Good hike.

3 months ago

I enjoyed the walk a great deal. Flurries this morning gave a nice dusting to the trail and the scenery. Lots of geese on the lake.

4 months ago

Moderate lollipop w Black Mt. Loop Tr. Well marked & maintained trail. Park @ trailhead for Grassy Cove. Cross rd & walk east .25 mi to trailhead. Easy walk through hardwood forest. At 1.6 mi begin mod switchbacks to the top @ 3 mi. Cool ascent through rocks w stairs @ the top. Hiked clockwise on Loop Tr. This is an easy addition. Recommend. The views & hiking around the southern bluffs are the payoff on this hike. 8.1 mi. Fun afternoon.

First this review is from the perspective of a ametaur landscape photographer looking good places for photography. Pioneer Trail was an easy hike that many people will enjoy, but there's really nothing special about the terrain that would recommend it as a "stand out" location for photography.

It's not the trail is ugly, it's just that you can find similar terrain in just about any woodlands east of the Mississippi. There's no special or standout location.

If you live close to Crossville, TN then by all means go. If you're making a special trip or coming from a long distance to do landscape photography , you'd be better off spending the extra time going to the Blue Ridge Parkway or Smoky Mountains.

Great view in winter. Lots of nice rocks to stop and rest. Wild turkeys! Trail is fully marked with white plastic tags on trees - very helpful in winter when leaves cover the path.

6 months ago

Easy stroll. Quiet. Lovely woods.

6 months ago

Trail head is across from the pull off on HWY 68. Look for pink & orange plastic tags on 2 trees. That’s where the trail starts. The trail is marked with those pink/orange tags for the first .5 mile or so. Leaves had covered the trail but it was still fairly easy to follow. The trail is easy with minimal obstacles but the incline is pretty rough. The view is worth it at the top!

Went on pioneer short loop trail. A nice hike around the lake with a swinging bridge. My 10 year old did well hiking it.

8 months ago

Nice trail, not too technical but the elevation gain makes it moderately difficult. I'm seconding a reviewer below on finding the trailhead - look for two trees with pink/orange ties across from the paved parking pulloff. The first ~0.5 miles of trail uses pink ties, but the remainder of the trail uses the white Cumberland Trail plaques. I'd highly recommend completing the loop trail at the top of the mountain, the views over the south overlook are worth it. Looking forward to checking out Brady Mountain once the trail is open!

9 months ago

A good hike with a well-maintained trail. Nice woods. Enjoyed the rocks at the top. It gets a bit overgrown towards the end of the season, but nothing too bad. Almost stepped on a 3' copperhead sunning itself on some rocks--keep an eye out for snakes around the rocks.

9 months ago

Very nice hike. Was a little overgrown in spots so I definitely recommend wearing long pants. Be prepared as most of this trail is gradually uphill going up the mountain. The trail is very well marked, the loop at the crest is a little harder to follow but All Trails came to the rescue!
Windless Cave was closed due to white nose syndrome and the stream was dried up as of September 16th. Would definitely reccomend to anybody in the area.
As for finding the trail head, if coming from Crossville, when you see a large pull off on the road that's where you park, right across from there you'll see orange markers on trees with a couple signs for the Cumberland Trail, that's where you enter.

Good trail. Hard to find trail head as its not marked on one side of the road and marked away from the road on the other. We took the unmarked trail across the road from the parking turnout. Waist high and higher weeds covering alot of the second half of the trail. Do take the cave turn off when u get there. Its only a few minutes down and then u just jump back to the main trail. Was 86° and we definitely didn't pack enough water for the steady elevation climb of the second half. Scenery was mostly pretty normal woods trails until the end when you get to the big rocks. Worth the trip if you bring bug spray - don't leave it in the car!

Fun short hike. A section of the trail on the east side of the lake between the auto bridge and foot bridge was closed for maintenance on 8/19/17

Thursday, June 01, 2017

Monday, April 17, 2017

Trailhead was hard to find as it is not marked from the road. GPS coordinates will get you in the vicinity then just look for a wide pull off on the south side of the road to park. You will need to cross the street for the trail entrance. Along the trail is very well marked with white plaques and well maintained so had no problems following it once I found the start. Beautiful rock formations and a little off shoot down to a small cave where you can cool off with some water from the mountain stream. When you get almost to the top of the mountain there is a trail that forks to the right that will take you through some very large rock formations and arches. Highly recommend taking this route. It is not as well marked but had no trouble following it. It will take you back up to the main trail where you can take the loop around the top of the mountain for some majestic views! By taking the trail through the rock formations and the full loop at the top of the mountains it ended up being a little over 9 miles. It is a little strenuous on the way up but well worth the effort.

Sunday, April 02, 2017

44 degrees...awesome day for a long hike. The out part of the trail is a gradually climb until you get to the base of Black Mountain. From the base the trail switches back and forth to the top. This is a moderate hike so expect to get your blood pressure up in certain segments. Beautiful rock formations with stairs that are made between the rocks to get you to the top.

Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Today was the day we actually hiked and explored more than just to the overlook and back, which we have done probably 5 or 6 times. And WOW at what we have been missing! Below the overlook, you are introduced to HUGE boulders and interesting rock formations. I'm not really sure what sections of trails we followed, as we cut back on and off the trail so many times. We came across the remains of a pretty big house foundation and tall chimney attached to it on the way back off the old jeep trail. We explored it and took pics that I will add. I researched the history of this and also the spring house & chimney you pass at the very beginning, and these date back to the 1800s! So very cool to enter the doorway of the remnants of this home and walk around where the family lived so long ago. We had no idea this was even here just going to the overlook and back! Next time when we have more daylight we will go explore the Windless Cave and finish the entire trail to Brady Mtn.

Sunday, March 05, 2017

Quiet. Well marked. Although would probably rate it more of a moderate than easy hike. Not because of elevation or difficulty, but there are extremely slick, large and loose rock throughout mixed in with the roots and stumps. The trail is very narrow too. Not much room when passing others with pets or trail runners. But still, very pretty and peaceful. Would recommend it and would do it again.

Monday, January 23, 2017

easy trail for our little pup

Thursday, December 08, 2016

Awesome rock formations!

Monday, December 05, 2016

I combined the Black Mountain CT trail and the first portion of the Byrd Mountain / Grassy Cove trail as an overlook-to-overlook hike. This formed a ~14-mile out-and-back, including boulder exploring and the Windless Cave spur. Black mountain has massive stone formations, a great overlook area, and a fairly gentle slope.  Byrd mountain trail is a bit steeper but follows atv routes for the most part, and the overlook has a stunning, unobstructed eastward view of Grassy Cove and beyond.  My app claimed 3800' total elevation gain but that seems off.  Highly recommended.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

it's a good one

Trail is well-marked and mostly well-maintained, but there are some narrow places with slippery terrain (especially with autumn leaves on the ground). I've been on the trail a number of times with no problem, but a friend recently fell climbing over a dead tree in the path and broke her wrist. Be careful!

Sunday, October 23, 2016

This is a great little trail with wonderful views. The hike isn't very long, but the scenery is awesome. Stop in if you are out that way.

Nice short hike. Sunday morning this well-marked trail was not busy at all.

Friday, October 14, 2016

a favorite and beautiful view

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