The trail and the waterfall was beautiful but someone dumped 3 dogs at the bottom....they were super skinny and mangy looking....I tried to get them to follow me back up the trail so I could take them to the humane society there but I couldn't get them to follow was a younger yellow lab and the 2nd one I saw was a border collie a few years old...I never saw the 3rd one but other people had....when I called 931-879-5821 the managers of the park the girl Ally that answered the phone tried to tell me they were just racoon hunting dogs...I explained their condition and she ended up hanging up on me...broke my heart that she didn't care and she is a poor representation of this park....I will never go back, nor, will I suggest this beautiful place to anyone

good trail enjoyed very much

2 months ago

short hike with a beautiful waterfall at the end. We had the place to ourselves lots of salamanders and a water snake. the hike was shorter than we usually like but it was worth the drive. went with our 8 month old In a backpack

good trail to hike narrow and slipperry be up for rough areas be sure to wear good shoes

Absolutely beautiful! Plan on returning g with our 2 boys!

One of our favorites. Just visited after the heavy rains and the waterfall was beautiful!

Easy short trail with a beautiful waterfall

amazing, loved this beauty all around.

amazing... such a wonderful hike.

Love this little hike. Only took about 1.5 hours.

6 months ago

This was a fairly easy hike lots of fun. Took the grandkids and they loved it. We just went in mid October the fall was beautiful although not as much water as in some of the pic I saw but it wasn't dry and was worth the hike. Looking forward to going back.

Awesome short hike! Lots to look at

10 months ago

10 months ago

Friday, August 12, 2016