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Death Knell of the Confederacy In 1863, Union and Confederate forces fought for control of Chattanooga, known as the "Gateway to the Deep South." The Confederates were victorious at nearby Chickamauga in September. However, renewed fighting in Chattanooga that November provided Union troops victory and control of the city. After the fighting, a Confederate soldier ominously wrote, "This...is the death-knell of the Confederacy." Park closed at sunset.

Easy trail to the bluff with an amazing view!!!

First - directions from coordinates take you to an apparent complex (alexadra way). Do not turn in there - go past about 50 yards and it’s a parking lot on left.
Hike- great, not too hard nor too easy. The view at the top is incredible. We went when minimal leaves were on trees which made the over looks along the way more enjoyable. At the top, have great view at river and area. Swing bridge was cool and there’s a waterfall that also is nice. If you wanted just to go to the waterfall and bridge it’s not even half way. The other is very clear and easy to traverse.
Once cross the bridge it gets more technical but easy to do without anything to carry (no water or food; unless you just want to).
I hiked w my daughter and we had a great time. Started about 1:30 and finished about 5. Took our time and took a lot of pictures. Great time to talk & be w nature.
Will do this again.

Beautiful place for a sunset, but if you are going to hike it back at night bring a headlamp or flashlight!

Did a night hike here with a couple of friends. Not a bad hike at all and super cool to see the view of Chattanooga at night. Bring a headlamp because the deer be trippin.

This is a great little hike, although you could make it longer and keep going down other connecting trails. Parking is very easy at the Craven House, I think the previous review didn’t realize this. The view from the top is fantastic, a must do if you’re in Chatanooga.

Great hike. The view is amazing

Great trail! Even in the snow!

With the leaves changing and cool fall air, this was an amazing hike just 10 minutes away!

Only did a short section as a brisk dog walk. Only saw a few bikers and one hiker on a pretty Saturday so it’s a great spot to get some energy out of your pup. Gorgeous views, well cleared trail much of the way in that also intersects with three or four wooded narrow gorgeous trails. Definitely recommended!

Tried parking at Point Park, but the beginning of the trail there is not dog friendly due to steep steps made of metal grating. My dog couldn't handle them due to both the steepness and her paws falling through the grating, and there's no way around. So we went to the small Sunset Rock parking area and waited 30 minutes for a spot to open up.

Sunset Rock is a great place to see the sunset (obviously), but the Bluff Trail was poorly marked and had many sections of tricky footing with no real payoff because the great views are at the parking areas. Wouldn't do this hike again. Visit Sunset Rock - just a short walk from the road - but pick another trail in the area for a longer hike.

Overall a good, easy trail with a great viewpoint, waterfall, and swinging bridge. As others have mentioned, it’s only about 4 miles round trip from the parking lot to Edward’s Point.

Nice hike and covered in Poison Ivy and a snake den under a rock by path! Beautiful hike!

on Glen Falls Trail

1 month ago

Fun and short for a 4 & 6 yr old.

1 month ago

Wonderful trail. Howecer, one way was a little too much for a 4 & 6 year old, so once we made it down to Craven's we had a Lyft driver bail us out and drive us back up to Point Park.

1 month ago

This was a great trail for taking my 4 yr. old and 8 yr. old kids.

Easy hike for a fabulous view!

loved the view from sunset rock.

I'd say this trail was moderate-hard, especially for a not-so-seasoned hiker. The trail was a little hard to find, but there were plenty of friendly people along the way to point me in the right direction - must get down to the dam, go left, across the little suspension bridge and then you start climbing up on the white marked trail. At one point the trail is literally climbing up rocks. Like everyone says, there's a couple of lookouts where you can see the Alexian across the way, but you have to keep going a decent ways before you get to Edwards. Overall really awesome hike of about 4.5 miles, and I wouldn't recommend wearing chacos; although it was nice to step in the water on the way back.

Great hike today. Incredible views!

3 months ago

This is just a 2 minute walk from your car for one of the best views in Chattanooga!

3 months ago

I absolutely loved this hike. It was a kick tail cardio workout on the uphill part. The rock formations are insane. We are so blessed to live in such a beautiful area.

3 months ago

Poison Ivy was overwhelming. The trail is overgrown in several spots. Trail surface is excellent. Waterfalls with bridge and a rock staircase with hidden stone door. Really cool. A great little swimming hole too.

3 months ago

It’s a pretty great hike! Not a lot of signs once you get passed rainbow lake. The view at Edwards point is amazing! A lot of people had dogs. I would suggest that they need to clean it up a little. There was trash in some parts. Rainbow lake is cool but the water was dirty looking. Overall I would go back. Be ready for a lot of brush in the trail.

Ride the incline up, then bike down. It's so much fun. Take a left once you get off the incline, then bike about a mile on the road until you pick up the trail, which will be on your left. Follow signs. When you get to a fork in the trail, go right. Cross the main road into Ruby Falls overflow parking, and continue down the trail. Once you hit another paved road, turn left, and then left again at the stop sign. You will see the Incline parking lot on your left. Takes about an hour, and is 95% down hill. Kids should probably be 10+. Have fun!

One of my favorites in Chattanooga.

Nice hike, but TONS of poison ivy. Needs to be removed.

Been today. Great trail. Has some jogging parts but also some steep parts as well. Very interesting

Very easy

Trail start was confusing and blazes could be better marked. View was gorgeous. First rock outcropping is not the final stop. Keep going and you will see the beauty of the Tennessee River, wilderness and even saw a pair of eagles.

3 months ago

This is a very scenic hike! Multiple water falls and rock formations. not sure where they are getting the 2 miles from. this hike is 1 mile out and back from the road. Easy for all levels.

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