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Death Knell of the Confederacy In 1863, Union and Confederate forces fought for control of Chattanooga, known as the "Gateway to the Deep South." The Confederates were victorious at nearby Chickamauga in September. However, renewed fighting in Chattanooga that November provided Union troops victory and control of the city. After the fighting, a Confederate soldier ominously wrote, "This...is the death-knell of the Confederacy." Park closed at sunset.

This was my first hiking experience in years, and I truly enjoyed it! I have bad knees, but I was still able to navigate well. The view was beautiful! We will be back here again, but later in the day to see the actual sunset.

Gorgeous in the fall. Not too difficult for anyone able-bodied

on Glen Falls Trail

22 days ago

Easy hike with a nice little uphill trek returning to the car. Falls and cascades are pretty and the trail passes through a large rock. Fun!

This trail is gorgeous!! Pretty easy, since it's mostly flat. I hiked it on a foggy day so most of the views were hidden, but the rocks were still incredible to walk beside.

25 days ago

Great for small kids. Our 3.5 yo did great. We hiked in and saw the falls, went up the stairs and through a cool cave like structure and then hiked up the riverbed a bit and found a place to eat our lunch we packed. Really fun and short hike.

26 days ago

One of my favorite trails on the mountain, especially if you are looking for a quick round-trip hike with a waterfall.

Great hike with great views. The trail could be a little better marked especially after the first overlook. The suspension bridge was a highlight along with the overlooks. Great hike to do in winter before trees get leaves.

Awesome overlooks

This is a short hike with hills, interesting rock formation you walk through. The water falls at the top are beautiful. A great short hike.

Great trail. My wife loved it. We had fun and great views.

Defiantly on my top ten list!

Nice hike, really nice falls, but the end of the trail dumps you onto the highway, a long and very dangerous trek back to the trailhead and my car. By God's grace a very nice gentleman stopped and offered me a ride to my car.

1 month ago

Great trail, short 1/2 mile to the waterfalls area with lots of pools and rocks. Took a group of kids there and they loved it, climbing all over the rock formations and playing around the stream for several hours.

on Bluff Trail

1 month ago

first time on this trail. Very nice view of the valley and skyline. Trail is pretty easy. Started and finished at Sunset Rock. Access to SR is a bit more tough with lots of stone steps to be aware of footing.

1 month ago

beautiful view

Absolutely gorgeous view!

1 month ago

Right IN Chattanooga, which is hard to find in many cities, this trail goes around the mountain and is very pretty. We did the full 9 miles but the best part was a very quick and steep hike up to Sunset Rock, directly up the hill with clear marked signs. If I did hikes multiple times, I would do it again for sure. Enjoy!

Great family friendly and pet friendly trail. One of my favorites!

Such a beautiful trail. The waterfalls were flowing. Great place to bring the kids.

We’ve had rain, recently, so the falls were just awesome! Wonderful path, with gorgeous surroundings. Wear sturdy shoes!

2 months ago

It was a nice, natureful hike. The falls were more of a dribble in August when we were there. We decided to get more adventurous and do a little rock scrambling where the falls would normally be and climb back behind them. Its just an ugly drain, in case you felt the need to be curious too! ;)

Had a blast! Nice falls.

2 months ago

Loved this trail. It wasn’t too difficult and had a lot of cute little off trails and places to climb up on rocks.

The falls and the boulders were awesome

3 months ago

AWESOME TRAIL! Lots of variety. Beware of long stretches of ice in the winter

Loved it! Links up to several other rad trails as well

Would definitely recommend this trail. Bluff trail offers a lot of variety. Do beware of stretches of ice on this trail during the winter!

I made this a Loop by going back by the bluff trail (where it forks off the cravens house) up to point park, and then down the incline trail (which isn’t maintained, but is perfectly functional).

The trail is dog friendly with great views!

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