26 days ago

last :45 was Tough but well worth it

6 months ago

I only completed the first two miles which are very easy if you are skilled at dodging the rattlesnakes. I passed 2 at a down tree approximately 0.2 miles in and snuck up on the 3rd at the 2 mile mark. I elected to turn around after the 3rd coiled and rattled. The trail is overgrown in places and the bugs were terrible due to timing of year. I'm already planning a trip back in the winter or early spring so water will be up and rattlers still hibernating!

7 months ago

So call this a trail is very generous. the trail ends after a couple miles. then you have to follow the creek and remember which side creek to hike up. Then you get stung by stirring up a hornet nest that is pretending to be a log. Then when you finally get there to this giant rock slant that goes up as far as you can see with a few cups of water trickling down.

All that being said. I did enjoy the experience. I would like to go in the rainy season and hope their would be more water. You can find detailed instructions on how to get the the falls online. Bring a friend, you'll both need the encouragement to keep going.
On a side note it is the tallest waterfall east of the Mississippi and hardly anyone has been there. So there are also bragging rights ;)

9 months ago

Trail was impassable due to high water. Will try again during a dry spell.

Sunday, January 22, 2017