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There is no trail here. Unless you count crawling thru rhododendron. Like on your hands and knees.

4 days ago

Trail quite washed out, parking, too. Once you get down, it is nice—just not sure it is worth the struggle.

4 days ago

This hike was intense! We have not been hiking in years and I decided to pick a hard hike  it kicked our butts! The view was gorgeous but we did not make it all the way to the top for the best views. We were pretty close but couldn’t push ourselves or one another to reach the top. What a great exercise!!

mountain biking
5 days ago

very nice just don't. try to mountain bike it. seen lot of wild animals alongside the trail ...... oh yea the bridge is out as GPS rout takes you to trail head

Wow! What a trail. Made it up to the overlooks of the Hiawassee River. Strenuous, but doable. Beautiful views worth the effort. However, following the actual trail as shown on AllTrails was impossible. We found ourselves in thick brushes and vines with plenty of thorns going up trying to meet the trail as shown. Found us wandering around in the woods, crossing the imaginary trail 4 times, never able to identify it! Noticed later that all the recordings of this trail by hikers seems to be different every time. Loved what we saw on the bluff, but ended up looking like we lost a fight with barb wire 藍 Needs a sign or two to help a hiker keep out of trouble.

Top View of South Holston Lake

7 days ago

Went during the spring with some lingering snow. Be sure to bring boots that can get wet or find creative ways to jump across a small stream. Actual trail can be muddy, but not hard and you get to follow the stream all the way to a beautiful small waterfall with a shallow wading area.

As the others said, the trail is rather overgrown. About 3/4 mile in the trail gets pretty rough. If you’re out for scenery, take the right path up to Margarette Falls.

Was a a tough climb and a lot steeper than I expected but it was a fun challenge and the view was more than worth it!

Not a difficult trail by any means, just long. The hike eventually got to my lower half after about the 3.5 mile mark, so the last mile was a little tough, but great views from the fire tower. Steps going up fire tower are pretty small, so take it slow so you don't slip. All in all it's a good trail, but probably just going to do this once.

Do not listen to the IOS directions in maps. Get on Clark’s creek rd and the trailhead will be on your left. Chigger branch and Buckeye Falls is down past that

Quick hike yet beautiful. Have been twice, once with show on the ground and today after 13 days of rain.... hasn’t disappointed me yet.

20 days ago

Went to the Falls today and it was amazing,great access,plenty of room,overall wonderful trail!!

I really enjoyed the hike. this is a great trip to get started on or back into (like myself).

20 days ago

One of my favorite places in the entire world. This one isn't too strenuous if you stick to the trail, or you can hop around the rocks near the creek bed if you feel so inclined (although it can fill very quickly if the weather directs it, so be careful). Either way, this should be a staple in Ocoee-area hiking.

21 days ago

Easy trail, stairs can be a little tricky but my 8 and 10 year old made it down with a little help. Kids loved the waterfall!

on Sill Branch Falls

26 days ago

Great little hike. Pretty steep climb once you pass the creek, but totally worth it. My 3 toddlers under 5 years old walk it with no problem. The waterfall is beautiful!!

on Beech Gap to Bob Bald

27 days ago

My husband and I hiked this trail today. The road leading to the trail is gravel with lots of potholes. Somebody sure dug up many plants/roots along the road. When you reach the trail markers, Beech Gap is off to the right, a steep climb, plenty of grass, some roots and large rocks. The rhododendron bushes merge to create a tunnel for at least a half mile, and this is a beautiful mystical feel. The hike is rated moderate and that’s about right. We went out and back in 3 hours, including time for lunch and pictures at the Bald. My watch measured 7.5 miles. Excellent trail.

The trail is beautiful the first half mile. with some creek side campsites.
but after that not so much. I recommend it for a short quick hike.

Did this hike twice. Both with children and a dog. beautiful views up top. nice areas to climb and children truly enjoyed. Be careful with drop offs with little ones and pets. Nice little river at bottom to hang out after the hike as well.

28 days ago

Very short, but a difficult hike. Definitely not a trail for anyone that has problems with very steep hillsides. Wear good shoes and enjoy the beauty!

very beautiful place, with creek and waterfall.

Beautiful hike! Love that you can hear the river throughout the first part of the hike.. beautiful falls. I used the address below to get there (1234 farmer road) and did t have any issues.. you’ll want to pull on the dirt road and follow that until the end.
*** Be careful driving on the dirt road, I saw a dead dog on the side of the road, not sure if it was hit by a car or attacked by some stray dogs I saw near the body.. definitely a somber start to a beautiful hike.

1 month ago

I've heard about compressions for years but finally made it out. The waterfall seems a lot bigger in person than in pictures. The hike itself is pretty brutal on the way back up but it's short. Nice swimming holes and places to hangout. Totally worth it

1 month ago

dude i hiked to the fountain and passed it to finish the trail that led to absolutely nothing but poison ivey and poison oak !! don’t keep walking stop at the river 10/10 would do it again

UPDATED DIRECTIONS (5/13/18) I read previous reviews and plugged 1234 Farner Rd into my GPS. It would have taken me there but when I was about 0.6 miles away I could not go any further because the road was completely closed due to construction. Luckily, a resident watched me as I got out of my car looking very confused/frustrated and walked down his driveway and asked if I needed help. He gave me great directions to get to the falls from the other side. So, if you are on TN-68 S follow these instructions instead:
When you get close you will go over a set of rail road tracks on TN-68 S
Very shortly after crossing these tracks you will take a LEFT on Mountain Vista Rd
Stay on this until you come to a T in the road+Stop Sign
Here you will take a LEFT on Underwood Dr
You will then cross over a second set of railroad tracks
Very shortly after crossing these tracks you will take a LEFT on Duggan Rd
Then you will take a LEFT on Old Farner Rd
On your right hand side you will see a sign for Turtletown Falls and the dirt road will come up shortly after the sign, take that the rest of the way! It was such a wonderful hike and I’m so glad I was able to find it despite the construction—SO worth it! My Honda Civic made it across the creek but I noticed a car parked just before the creek on my way out, and that would’ve been a suitable option too (for those of us with small cars), as it’s not far from the trail head. As others have said, I highly recommend going left to see the “twin” waterfalls first and then going right to see the other big waterfall series. When I was coming back from the second waterfall I veered slightly to the left instead of going right and took the path along the ridge back—doing a loop instead of an out and back. It was uphill (more so than not) but clearly labeled and easy to follow.

1 month ago


It is scary if you don’t know where you are going? Need to go to this trail in bright day light. Be careful with snakes and bears. It is an short moderate going to the falls and hard coming back the parking lot. But the falls is gorgeous and worth it. Can finish the trail in an hour. it is worth the visit in Tellico Plains.. Thank you to other reviewers as I read them before We went, it prepares us to the unexpected.

nature trips
1 month ago

Great scenic trail! Definitely a must see! It is a loop and one tip that I can give is when you pass the first waterfall you will find the split. If you keep right you’ll be continuing the main trail and if you go left you will see the second waterfall. I’m so glad we went left because we would have missed the second gorgeous falls. The trail is not very long but it is pretty steep on the way back from the second falls. Hope you enjoy the trail as much as we did.
P.S.: Please, read previous comments on correct directions as the map in this app takes you to some private property.

longer trail, 4.8 up but it is a constant gentle climb. Have seen many rattlers up there the last 2 years so use caution if you have dogs

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