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Great hike past multiple waterfalls! The majority of the hike is uphill but not too steep with several stretches of flatter ground to break it up. Plus there are so many nice breaks along the creek that it’s nice to stop. There are really two falls on this hike, so after you pass the first large waterfall keep going further to an even better one!! Heard from other hikers that it’s even cooler to go during the winter time because the waterfalls completely freeze over! Will be back to see that. Also wear waterproof shoes during the spring season because you have to cross the creak four times, not difficult but will get regular sneakers wet.

3 days ago

A fun little hike and beautiful waterfall. Be careful walking down the steps lol because I wasn’t. Can be crowded at times.

4 days ago

Beautiful beautiful falls and trail, lots of spring wildflowers!

Great hike! Easy trail. Lots of beautiful cascades. Make sure to take a camera. Nice foot bridge at one crossing. Second crossing is rock hopping. If you're adventurous go up the hill to the right of the falls. There is a small path following the river. Lots of water crossings, a little rock climbing and you will find a two tiered falls in a small canyon. Well worth the extra hike. It is a rough hike to these second falls, not for the feint of heart. Hard core waterfallers hike on.

There are several ways to get to the falls. One could choose a more challenging route and hike up the mountain. There are not many inspiring views, but the hike is pleasant. If you choose to drive up Chilhowee Mountain you will find breath-taking views of the Ocoee and the surrounding mountains. There are terrific logging roads along the way to hike and hunt small game. The trail to the falls is short and very easy. The falls are wonderful. There are stairs down or one could choose to climb either side of the falls up or down. The creek at the bottom is a nice place to chill, dip your feet, and have a snack. Very kid and animal friendly.

Probably the most beautiful trail in the area! I went three days ago and the trail was lined with gorgeous wildflowers, mossy rocks, and all the while you can gear and see the stream along your route. The trail does get very rocky in places and has a few stream crossings but nothing too difficult. The trail ends in a canyon with the waterfall cascading down to a pool. My dog loved swimming there, and it's an absolutely breathtaking spot.

Really nice trail. Big surprise was there are two really neat falls to see. The first falls appear to be twins. Once you see this falls continue on the trail to the second one which is really gorgeous. For your return to the trail head you can go back the way you came along the creek. We choose to make the loop so we took the high trail which is
very easy to walk. It is up hill for a ways but
It levels off and your walking the ridge line. You really don't get a good look at the Hawassee river but the gorge is quite interesting. From the hard top road it's several miles on a good dirt road. Go hike this trail it's really a pleasant experience .

8 days ago

Absolutely love this hike! I drive nearly an hour when I want to hike just so I can come to Gee Creek Trail. The small waterfalls are absolutely breathtaking, plus I’ve seen kids swimming under the one at the end of it. There are two rocky parts that are difficult to cross if you’re new to it or just don’t like that kind of thing, but once you get the hang of it it’s not bad. I’d recommend going after a light rain (if you’re used to the trail!) for a really lovely addition of small streams along the trail.

Beautiful hike with a rewarding waterfall at the end!

on Panther Branch Trail

10 days ago

The first mile was good, relatively clear, except for the gazillion felled trees and stream crossings. The second mile was the same with trees and water, but it picked up a lot of sawbriars and rhododendron....then the trail disappeared. It was well marked until it wasn’t. You definitely need long pants to get through this jungle.

A great place to hop on the Appalachian trail. Beautiful views of the lake from most of the trail. There is a visitors center at the end of 4 miles if you need a restroom.

It’s mostly downhill in the way in, so the climb back up is a little difficult but not too bad since it’s a pretty short hike.

11 days ago

I used Google maps and got to the trail head no problem. the road there is really rough so go slow! The hike to the falls is lovely (left at the fork) the right fork is just beautiful.
on the right fork you cross the creek several times. Some of those crossings are very iffy. Unless you want to go UP a very steep incline to no where special turn around when the trail turns and starts following a small feeder creek. The last 1/3 of a mile or so is very steep with lots of loose rocks and leaf debris. Even with poles I slid once descending.

I love this trail. I’ve hiked it in all seasons of the year. I don’t recommend it during icy/snowy weather because your hike on rocks can be pretty slick at times. There is a small water crossing, but there are rocks placed across that are almost always above the surface. There are multiple mini falls along the trail as well as the large one. There’s also a couple steep trails on either side of the main waterfall you can climb up.

18 days ago

We only goes half the way . It was wet ans the Rocks was very slippy. Maybe next time

This trail was as hard as the review say. After hiking this, I was completely stiff and sore the next day due to how steep, it was almost like rock climbing. Other than that, completely worth it! Absolutely beautiful hike and waterfall.

22 days ago

was not able to locate the trail for the second creek crossing. look forward to another trip.

22 days ago

Trail is to the right & there is a map.

Pretty insignificant trail. Very seldom trafficked makes you question if you’re even on the trail (+ no blazes or anything). Best views are from the beginning. Should be rated hard.

Getting there: Our map provides two ways and we took the shortest time option which was the longest in the forest... bad idea. We added 2 hours to our commute because we took this way and it’s mainly a dirt road with a bunch of holes and I drive my civic.

24 days ago

Some places on the trail can be hard to navigate if you go past the waterfall. But overall it’s a beautiful hike.

If you park at Bald River Falls, to the far end of the parking lot, there is a hiking trail you can go on that takes you above the waterfall and up to the Middle Bald River Falls- about 1.4 miles (out and back)- highly recommend if you’re looking for a shorter hike. Review will be posted on our blog soon, with pics- www.Wander-Full-Life.com

25 days ago

Fairly short trail but with a nice payoff at the end. The falls at the end are truly impressive and worth the hike. You are on a gravel road for about 0.75 miles and then another 0.7 to the falls. Kind of rocky at the end, so not good for folks with poor shoes or mobility issues. You are beside a roaring creek most of the way, so that makes for a lovely sound. You have to make one creek crossing, so if the water is running high, you may have to get a little wet to get across. We had no trouble crossing, and it had rained two days before.

25 days ago

First off, do not follow the directions to this trail using the link provided here. You will spend more time looking for the trailhead than it takes to hike this trail when you finally find it using some other app or website. Once you get there, this is a lovely trail that gives you a couple of options. For an easy, spectacular view of the falls, head left at the fork. The falls are a few meters ahead. If you are more ambitious and can do a moderate 2 Miles (one way) at a steady incline and with numerous creek crossings, take the right fork. Enjoyed both immensely!

Pretty easy hike!

Fun trail to a nice waterfall. Go after it rains.

1 month ago

Nice gentle walk along a beautiful creek. There are several small water falls along the way. My wife and I enjoyed the views going to the falls as much as we enjoyed the falls. The trial is a little confusing. When you come to a “Y” in the trail, go to the left and you will immediately cross a small creek. The falls are straight ahead after crossing the creek.

Another beautiful walk. A wild turkey flew over us just as we were starting out around 4pm. I’m glad other reviews said to go to 1234 Farmer Rd to find the USF rd because where the App directions took us looked like it could have been a scene from Deliverance.

Easy trail hike, worth the trip to see the beautiful falls!

1 month ago

Very good trail to spend an hour or two in nature with the family or all day covering the loops.

Perfect place for a day hike with the family. Other than a few steep climbs, not a bad trek at all— plus the AMAZING views will keep you pretty distracted, and triggers a strong sense of motivation to explore more! We went in mid March 2018 while it was a bit chilly + snowy and had a blast!

Directions: DO NOT GO LEFT when you come to a sign that says 170 at a dead end, GO RIGHT. See photos. The road there is kind of rough, lower cars would likely bottom out. 4x4 is not necessary unless it has recently rained. If you go the wrong way (I repeat, DO NOT GO LEFT) without a 4x4 you might get stuck.... and there’s no service to call for help.

Trail: Once you park in the lot the trail goes off to the LEFT of the sign that says 170. See photos. The water fall is BEAUTIFUL. We cannot wait to come back in summer. We had no bee issue today as others mentioned, but it was right around or under 40 degrees. Really sad that people have littered beer cans and such along the trail- we will bring bags to pick up the trash next time and encourage others to do so as well.


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