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Fairly short hike, but the drive to get there is beautiful and the view from the top is even better. Much like a small Max Patch but less crowded. I suggest waterproof shoes, as the trail can be a little muddy in spots.

We had a little trouble finding the trail head at first, but finally got there. The gravel drive to the tail head threw us a little. The trail head isn't much more than a dirt patch with a mud puddle in the middle so we just parked where we could. No signage but the trail is well maintained and obvious. We hiked up the north side first and there are some sections that are harder than I thought we'd encounter, but overall I'd say moderate is a good description of the trail. The double falls are beautiful and well worth the hike. We came back the south trail which runs along the creek/river and it was so nice. The sound of the water, the fall colors, the smell of the forest, it was awesome. The trail was well marked on that side too. The hike felt longer than described and another person told us it was a little over 4 miles. My husband and I are 58 and 56 and had no problems.

This very easy trail was a pleasure, just a stroll really. There is a beautiful drive to get to the trail head. The facilities include a rest room and picnic area. The out and back walk is a little uneven with roots and rocks, so be a little extra careful in the fall when the path is covered with leaves. The last section down to the falls is a tad tricky but so worth it.

Did this with my girlfriend from Latvia back in 2014. Great trail but smoked my ass coming back up.

Love this trail. Great challenge, but not too difficult.

This trail it's self is nothing to talk about, but the falls are decent.

This trail isn’t as difficult as all of the reviews made it out to be, in my opinion. Yes, it’s straight up. But if you are used to actual hiking, then you will be fine. Bring your poles or a walking stick, they help a lot climbing the super steep areas and help you not slide coming back down. We hiked this trail in 60 degree weather, and stopped frequently to rest a minute. A faster pace and/or hot weather would make this hike more difficult. Small children would probably slide/fall coming back down the trail. The view is gorgeous!

This is a easy trail. wide and clear path and beautiful mountain lake. mostly level walking with small grades.

13 days ago

Hiked this trail to see fall foliage and we weren’t disappointed. It was gorgeous and we got many beautiful pictures. The forest was ablaze with color and the falls were a treat. Trail is easy to follow. Saw a snake on the way back. I think it was a garter snake.

mountain biking
13 days ago

Spent a lovely Sunday afternoon on the trail. Parked at Boyd Gap Overlook off 64 and took the Brush Creek Spur Trail to Brush Creek Trail, going 5 miles and turning back. The spur trail starts off pretty rocky with some steep drop-offs that made my beginner self pretty nervous. After that though it was great! Beautiful fall colors, peaceful and quiet, only saw one biker and one hiking group. The views of the lake and sounds of the creek were wonderful. My new favorite trail, can't wait to get back out and do the whole thing with more daylight!

13 days ago

Beautiful hike. Well worth it when you get to the top and see the falls.

The drive in is not nearly as bad as previous reviews.....typical National Forest Road in good condition. 2WD is good to go. There were at least 6 cars at the trailhead when we left. None were 4WD. Hike is short and only tricky towards the end. Beautiful falls!

14 days ago

Loved this trail!! I would say it’s an easy hike with sections of moderate. Mostly a steady grade except as you first leave the falls area! I traveled from the Cleveland area, GPS directed a different route going the falls than when I left. Take Hwy 64 route to access pull off areas with fantastic views.

Great and easy hike! Beautiful in the fall.

Great trail!

I just had surgery on my wrist from falling yesterday. I am an experienced hiker, but as we all know things happen. It was raining and I made it all the way down to the falls, but with the combination of my poncho and the slime on the rocks, I fell and I reached out with my dominant hand and I broke Both bones in my wrist and it was in little pieces. However, I don’t won’t to discourage people from not doing it. It is a hard trail so it is for the experienced hiker. I wouldn’t wear a poncho or go when it’s raining. Hiking shoes are a must. Waterfall is gorgeous. It is a fun hike as long as you don’t fall and break your wrist. ;)

15 days ago

Great hike

19 days ago

We hiked in this past weekend from Beech Gap gate on Cherohala Skyway. From that gate to the far side of B’Bald measured 3.8 miles one-way.

Fairly strenuous but short-lived climb up to B’Bald but worth the work. Great views and peaceful place to enjoy the Wilderness. Plenty of clear water and downed limbs for campfire. You might be tempted to sing a chorus or two from ‘The Sound of Music’.

Fun, short hike. Be aware, even though it's listed as moderate, there is a very steep (pretty intense) staircase to get down to the falls.

Very pleasant hike a couple weeks ago. There is ample parking at the Forest Service sign just down from Oliver Hollow Road. There is good parking at the other end also. The shelter and surrounding areas were closed due to bear activity, but we were day hiking. The views from the dam are incredible. We were there just after a flood and the south end was very boggy, but easily passable.

20 days ago

Easy, flat, wide trail to a beautiful waterfall that is worth the trip. Just some rock steps to get down to the falls at the end. Great for families and very heavily trafficked, so expect the trail to be crowded with rambunctious children and dogs. Looking for a quieter experience? The Chilhowee trail system has multiple routes that will get you to the falls, so if you are an experienced hiker looking for a quieter journey, take one of the longer, more challenging routes, like Slick Rock or Clemmer.

20 days ago

A very popular spot esp. during the warmer months. There is a waterfall that has a nice swimming spot to enjoy.

I do not recommend this spot to novice hikers or people with dogs when it’s wet because although it is a pretty easy hike if you are there to see the waterfall there is a spot where there is barely a path and you must crawl over a thin area of rocks.

Lots of pretty foliage. I have seen horses on this trail before it gets narrow. There are rocks you can roll/twist your ankle on so be careful!

25 days ago

Trail is pretty easy going though you do have to do a littler rock scramble to get to the falls. when it gets warmer I want to hike to the end, because there are creek crossing.

great place for a short hike

26 days ago

Just hiked to the falls and back, very easy hike and the falls are nice.

Beautiful falls!!! The hike in is much easier than the drive in. I would make sure you did this trail with at least 2 people. It is very remote. Once you get to the falls, it is breathtaking. It has a few smaller falls at first but keep going. The hike out is hard. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time for breaks. There really isn’t a parking lot, it’s more like a big turnaround. The sign was not up, so make sure you take the trail that is to the left.

27 days ago

We couldn’t even make it to the trail because the road was so bad. Extremely windy and narrow. No way 2 cars could fit without fallling off the side. Lots if rocks, bumps, and holes. We were extremely disappointed.

27 days ago

Lots of beautiful falls to see in a short distance.

Great hike and beautiful falls. Well worth it.

Super easy 40 min each way to the falls. Went with two boys 7 & 10 yrs of age

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