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It was a great hike with beautiful views. The day I hiked it it had rained a lot that week and the night before which made for full, beautiful falls. However, the the lake was nearly completely empty which made for a disappointing experience at the top, only because I was anticipating a nice swim to cool off. Still an awesome hike!

I've hiked this a couple times but it's not worth 5 stars. It's a decent hike to get out on for someone who doesn't mind some elevation gain. However, don't go just to see the falls because they aren't very big & it isn't nearly as impressive as other falls in the area. The trail is well maintained & isn't too crowded.

4 days ago

Absolutely beautiful. It is kind of confusing to figure out exactly where the trail starts. You cross the dam and just go straight. Did run into one snake. Well worth the hike to the falls though, very easy. Take your suits and swim at the "beach"!

on Gee Creek Trail

4 days ago

Beautiful area

My husband and I attempted this trail today and only made it to the one mile marker and turned back. Why? We haven't hiked in months. Great trail with switchbacks but we are out of shape.

Trail. Park then proceed on gravel road that goes behind the small building from the parking lot. The parking lot accommodates about 6 cars but people were parking on the grass next to the main road. We ran into a guy running with his 2 dogs who weren't on leashes and one was 25 meters behind him. We found 3 piles of dog poo of which 1 pile was on the trail and the other 2 on the side of the trail. Please people put your dog on a leash and clean up their poop. Nice peaceful walk without a lot of people. We will go back.

Good hike seems long than 3 miles, well worth it for the waterfall

beautiful hike

Make sure to turn right if you do the loop... the sign makes it seem like you can go left or right ... go right !!!! After the trail you have done with the falls ... that's the loop trail .... if you keep going straight they is a grave if u see this grave turn around !!!! I kept going and it took nowhere !!!

8 days ago

The waterfall was pretty, but the drive in needed more gravel. It was very rocky and driving up the long road in was super bumpy. There was one point where there was a giant hole in the road in the middle of a steep hill. I don't think we would have made it except we were in a jeep.

8 days ago

When driving in, there is a creek crossing. There are several concrete blocks in the water with spaces in between them. You drive over this. We were in a jeep and it was a bit wobbly to me. We did have a car in our group though and they seemed to make it with difficulty. The parking area was a dirt culdesac. When we were there, the middle was a giant puddle of water. We did have enough room for our group of 5 cars + the other 2 that were already parked there in a circle.

The trail was beautiful. Lots of wildflowers. We took the left trail to walk beside the water. Both upper and lower falls were wonderful.

Would def do again. Falls are awesome. We did somehow get off trail and had to make a trail to get back on. Moderate rating for some uphill walking. Otherwise not difficult at all.

Would def do again. Falls are awesome. We did somehow get off trail and had to make a trail to get back on. Moderate rating for some uphill walking. Otherwise not difficult at all.

8 days ago

great time !

10 days ago

well traveled so trash is an issue. Try Bullen or Phillips hollow if you are up for some hard hikes.