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8 hours ago

1 day ago

My first waterfalls hike and it was wonderful.

Beautiful falls! Nice, moderate walk until the stone stairs down, but worth it. My dog loved it! I walked past the falls but couldn't find the loop trail, so ended up going back the way I came. Bring extra water, hiking poles, and take breaks climbing back up the steps.

A beautiful hike along the river. The steps are pretty strait down about 450 ish feet. But definitely worth the hike. Beautiful waterfall.

6 days ago

Beautiful hike. It is closer to 8 miles and an uphill climb the whole way in. I would not recommend this hike for a family outing or an easy stroll. I would also rate it difficult. I did not see any waterfalls though, can someone tell me how to get to those?

DO NOT FOLLOW DIRECTIONS FROM THIS APP!!!!!! S Suther below has perfect directions in their review! THANK YOU!!!
The App directions take you to someone's driveway WAY off from where you should be!

The falls are beautiful. We took our 5 year old and he did great! Take some water shoes with you so you and the kid da can splash around at the foot of the falls!

One steep section but with good traction shoes you'll do fine. It's a beautiful place.

I wasn't able to do this trail because these directions are incorrect. They don't take you directly do a trailhead. I googled where the trail was and it ended up taking me to a private property with security who did not let me through. They told me to go to Sam's Gap on the AT and that I could get to big bald from there, but I never saw signs for it anywhere. I wouldn't use AllTrails for this particular route but there are others out there

Easy hike. Several places to stop along the trail to watch the rafters and kayakers.

Great easy hike with my parents. Just the right speed for them.

11 days ago

The trail was very grown over and the trailhead not marked. We had to walk down the creek to find the trail. The waterfall and cave was off the trail and you could not see through the brush. We had to backtrack and look for it. This trail is best done in the winter or early spring because of the dense vegetation. It was a easy hike and after finding the trailhead well marked with white blazes.