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The trail runs alongside Bald River above Bald River Falls and the Tellico Gorge. Only gets prettier the farther you go as you get to several hidden waterfalls. The water was high when I hiked it thanks to recent rains so there was a lot of water to see.

Love it! Such a beautiful waterfall, not a bad hike! One of my favs

This is one of my favorite hikes! It’s beautiful from the beginning of the trail to the end

Trail is very easy to follow and a nice waterfall at the top as long as water levels are not too dry.

The hike was fun but my friends and I brushed against a plant called Giant Hogweed. I did a ton of research because I got 3rd degree burns from this plant across my half of my shin. I would advise to AVOID this trail or be extremely careful. Someone needs to go out there and take care of this plant. I'm scarred to this day and still sensitive when I put my socks on. The pain was unbearable, stuck indoors for 2 weeks straight. Blisters the size of a baseball on my leg. And this location is the only place in the area that this stuff has been reported. I would have reported it but I don't know where I brushed against the plant. All I know is that I was hiking on this trail with my friends and I noticed weird burns on my legs later that night. Two days later my leg was covered in tiny EXTREMELY painful blisters. By day 6 my entire leg was purple and blue and swollen I had no idea what had happened and I had to visit 6 different doctors. It was 14 days before I came outside for the first time. Took 3 months to get rid of the blisters. I am scared and sensitive to this day. PLEASE AVOID THIS TRAIL!!!!!!!!!!

I hiked this in under 6.5 hrs. Great views. It's a good day hike for an experienced hiker or broken into two days for individuals wanting to take it easy.

Great hike with kids!

It was ok. Lots of loose rocks from all the rain but a nice hike and very nice views of the mountains.

4 days ago

Great photo ops here! The trail up to the main falls gets narrow at one point, but manageable. Can't wait to go back.

This is a hard run but the view is worth it

Did it today within 2 hours to the summit. Short, not really scenic but steadily steep so it's good training. On top is a lookout tower.

Awesome hike!!!

Creek was way up and raging we felt it was to dangerous to cross so we only got to hike half of the trail. The trail follows the creek at one point it was a little difficult to navigate / climb the rocks.. I will try agin later in the year after the creek drops. And yes like the other reviews there are a lot of baseball size rocks on the trail but we didn’t find them that hard to hike.

Great trail - not quite 6 miles...need to be in fair shape for this one - views are great and the dam is great for pictures. Parking limited and bathrooms by the beach closed in the winter.

we hiked from Childers Creek to beyond Big Bend area for a total of 7 miles. Very nice hike. Good trail. A little wet in a few spots but nothing we couldn't get around. We will do this trail again.

Great falls!

What east TN represents well: waterfalls, peaceful woods surrounded by giant rock cliffs making a holler. Marked well with blue blazes.

Easy hike was a little scare of the bear warning. But it was worth it. 3 miles total to the falls and back.

scenic driving
11 days ago

Beautiful drive and gorgeous waterfalls!

This was a good trail to hike. I do agree it should be rated as hard. However, it is definetly worth the climb the views are incredible. It is definetly slick on the way down because of the leaves, but fun.

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