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very steep accent, but totally worth the view from the top. lots of trees blocking the trail, but easy to get around. careful on the way back down.

I Love this trail! It's beautiful, but be ready to cross creeks and get wet unless the water is down and you can navigate rocks well. Trail follows creek all the way, very rocky and you have to climb many times. Trail stops at a large fallen tree, we didn't climb the tree to go to end of actual trail. It's worth the trip!

21 hours ago

this trail is simply wonderful for the beginner back packer. the only hard about about it is a couple switch backs you get out of the way after about a mile in the trail. after that it's pretty flat and offers so many views and amazing off trails. the camp sites were clean, and had more than enough fire wood to keep us warm for 9 hours or so. I give it 5 stars because it isn't hard, it's beautiful, low traffic down the trail and if you back pack finding water or the perfect camp site is super easy. highly recommend

1 day ago

For a couple of guys from South MIssissippi, we found this trail very enjoyable. We did it as part of a loop between Big Frog Trail and Licklog Trail. There were some blown down trees, but that's hiking. Very nice campsites throughout the trail. We decided to camp at the top of Big Frog Mountain. It's a tough trail with a backpack on but well worth the time.

Very easy hike. Even with little kids. When you get to the end it gets a little hairy. But not horrible. Seems like it's popular to bring your dogs there.

We had a great day hiking with friends to Benton Falls located in the Chilhowee Recreation Park/Campground. It's an easy/moderate hike that only took 30-40 minutes one way. Take your lunch and have a picnic on one of the rocks below the falls. When you are driving to Benton Falls/Chilhowee Recreation be sure to take the road that leads up from the Ocoee River (Oswald Dome Road off of Hwy 64). Don't take the road that leads in from Benton (Benton Springs Road)!! Your Gps will probably send you on Benton Springs. You will regret it if you go the Benton springs road route. The scenic views on Oswald Dome are incredible on the way up to Chilhowee Recreation.

Just finished this trail with my son. Loved the views, the trail itself is fairly well maintained. There are a couple of water crossings that are best done barefoot or with very tall waterproof boots. The Falls we only found by accident. They are well off the trail and getting to the bottom was a bit difficult. Definitely worth it though! The trailhead is difficult to find. After crossing the bridge we nearly gave up until we waded downstream a ways and found it. since we live less than 30 minutes from this trail, I see us hiking it again!

Love going out here. Kid friendly.

moderate hike, beautiful waterfall and river!

4 days ago

I am not an experienced hiker by any means. Coming from the Knoxville area the GPS took us on a dirt road through the mountain, not the worst of dirt roads, but after we left we took the path. that was an extra few minutes, very scenic drive by the way. Now about the trail and falls. The hike itself was fairly easy, we got there fairly early so there was very few people there, seen maybe 10 total before we made it back. The signage could be better and more helpful. We decided to hike a little beyond the falls and that ended up being a very long detour, ha. not an awful detour but I was never certain where I was. Having a map on hand or a small map at the signs could have been helpful. There was a small amount of trash around, but nowhere near as bad as some of the other reviews from years ago. There are numerous trails that are accessible at this location, so the hike can go from easy to moderate fairly easy if someone wanted it to. Worth the drive and time spent here.

Fantastic hike. I logged a little over 11 miles up and back and it took close to 5 hours. I went off the beaten trail a lot and looked at the wild orchids and many different Trillium species. If you really like wildflowers, this hike is for you!

This is my favorite hike in the Tri-Cities area of east Tennessee. I would def rate this a moderate hike since its an uphill climb most of the way. There are 2 separate waterfalls that are well worth the hike. U can drive thru the campground and go all the way towards the back of the campground and there is a small gravel lot that is safe to park in. The trail starts right behind the lot and keep to the right and u will be well on ur way. The wildflowers this time of year are stunning!

This trail is actually 11 miles round trip, not 9. It's a good hike with 2,000 feet in elevation gain. Not too scenic. I think some sections may be a little difficult with the overgrowth of vegetation. I really enjoyed it though.

This is a perfect trail for a light workout. I use it often.

Parking situation changed. See my track recording!

I really enjoyed this hike. Very scenic. It does get pretty steep sometimes, but definitely worth it.

Nice hike. Not too long, but a bit more strenuous than we expected. Waterfalls were spectacular.

Great short hike. Not too hard. Waterfalls are beautiful and fun to climb around on.