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1 day ago

Unfortunately it didn't rain so much within the week so it led to a disappointing view at the end. However, lots of visitor pictures suggest that a visit after a good down pour within the days leading up to your visit will create a spectacular waterfall! The hike was not bad, but like I said, it would have been nice to see a waterfall and not a trickle.

Easy, rewarding hike. The falls area is great, lots of nice pools and rocks to sit on.

The road getting there isn't nearly as bad as the reviews here let on, just rocky, and has the one hole, but stay right and you won't have any trouble.

Very busy trail

An awesome little known trail! I hiked a loop....up the Clemmer Trail and back down this one. This is the best trail in the Chilhowee Trail system! Great views about midway on a fall or winter day. You get a great view of Big Frog and Little Frog, as well as the mountains of the Citigo.

Live about a mile away, this trail never gets old.

nice hike. no views, but waterfalls are nice.

10 days ago

This was a difficult trail. Would not recommend for children. It was worth the hike, but it was steep in places and had to make special note as to where to place footing. Amazing nature, foliage, fauna...ect...This Hike took us about 2 1/2 hours.The Falls were very pretty!

11 days ago

was very surprised that so many people visited there today. besides the bee issue and the venomous snake, on our way back, there was a boy threw rocks at the steep switchback multiple times. we almost got hit. his parents denied first then the boy admitted he did. smh. very overrated. esp poor road condition leading to the trailhead.

Low water levels but the hike was nice. Saw my first baby bear.