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We went yesterday. Unfortunately, there was no cell service and I failed to go to the end of the road where the trail started. Instead, pulled off and took an old logging road which eventually brought us to the trail but only added a mile or so to our hike. As we hiked, I noticed a burnt log and a second later, thought it was a bear cub until it turned and saw it was a very huge wild boar! Fortunately, he ran down the mountain and not at us!

When we got to the loop, we opted to make our way out, but the river and falls were stunning and we will do the full loop soon.

Followed directions and ends up at the very top of

Beautiful hike through the laurels and the falls are worth the many steps.

Beautiful rugged trail with sprawling winter views. The parking area gate to the summit of Big Frog Mountain is 4.4 miles with 2,500 ft of elevation gain. If you do this hike on a cold-ish winter day, do not underestimate how cold and windy it will be on the ridgeline. There's a lot of downed trees and overgrowth but it's worth it.

3 days ago

Made it back today,hiked the whole loop and saw both falls! One of my favorite places to hike! It is definitely worth the drive!

One of my favorites! Go up to Bailey when your there.

Well maintained trail. Lengthy but the climb is gradual, so it isn't too difficult. Views are great if you are willing to climb to the observation deck. It is nice, large deck. Had my lunch there.

awesome trail, great to get the heart rate up.

9 days ago

Great little trail to an impressive waterfall! It was almost all frozen and truly beautiful.

Did this hike a couple of times this week and the falls were frozen. Beautiful!!! Pretty easy hike. Always quiet and pretty. If you can cross the creek above the falls it is worth it to go a little further up more falls. We have done this hike in the spring and in winter and much prefer winter. Views are a lot better

10 days ago

At 20 degrees it was a Frozen Wonderland,I would be happy to hike this trail anytime of the year!!

Surprising gem tucked away in the Tennessee mountains. This hike is not difficult however you are rewarded with a large beautiful waterfall roughly 30 minutes into the hike. I’ll come back to complete the full circuit!

My daughter and I had a good hike but getting to the trail was a little tricky but a fun challenge crossing the creek several times. It was cold, the creek was partially frozen so it was beautiful to see the waterfalls half frozen but still flowing. We noticed a lot of random old fire pits like some people have been living there. There was a old tent and sleeping bag rolled up and we could not tell if someone was bundled up under it or if it had been abandoned. That made me a little uneasy on the trail with just me and my daughter. Then about a mile up the trail I am pretty sure we heard a bear growl across the creek up the mountain, far enough away but close enough to where we turned around and hightailed it back to the car.

Love this trail! So much fun to stop and put your feet in the water half way through at the gorgeous water fall...

Great trail for exercise!! I'd pick this trail any day over a treadmill.

The trail is much longer then 2.2 miles, it was a logging road, very easy at first and gets a little more difficult further back. There are multiple roads/trails past the clearing on both sides of Goforth creek. Made it back a good ways (didn’t start tracking till well past the cleaning) on the main trail on left side of the creek before the undergrowth became too thick to continue any further on a day hike. Could be hiked all the way to Lost Creek if there were better maps available.

Don’t get discouraged by the gravel road drive, and do hike all the way. The falls are gorgeous!

This trail gets super overgrown and crazy during Summer. I recommend going before everything grows back out, including the thorns.

Great for people just starting out.

A stunning beauty! The write-up on this app don't do justice to the beauty of this place.
The falls are right off of river rd... no hiking necessary if you aren't physically able, or want to take someone to see some nature, if they are older.
Lastly, the drive to the falls is right beside the river... it's serene and filled with natural beauty from the time you leave the town of Tellico. enjoy!

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