You can park almost directly across from the trailhead in the gravel. Trailhead is not super easy to spot but you'll find it once you get close to it. A lot of switchbacks to start and then it levels off. Not a ton of incline except for the last .25 miles or so. Parts of the trail are a little overgrown and thin so be careful where you step (I accidentally stepped off the trail unknowingly and almost slipped!). Not a terribly difficult hike, I would rate it as moderate.

Final view is awesome! The trail head isn't labeled very well, but there are labels throughout the trail.

Great hiking! Lots of uphill and downhill! At tip top point it was great but lots of flies and bugs. The white marker is to follow the trail. It took about 3 hours to do.

Our first visit to this trail we encountered a black bear and her cubs just 30' away, the bear was not aggressive, we just kept walking. Hike has great views of Johnson City. There is also a great overlook down from the towers just off the service road.