easy hike and a lot of fun.

2 months ago

Great in/out hike. I stopped at the first picnic table for a quick stretch then hiked to the second and had a snack. Seems like it took a little over an hour to get to the 2nd table and a lot faster coming out. The app said I had 1hr 23 minutes of moving time, which I don't think is correct because I didn't take long breaks and the trip took me right at 2 hours. The app. also said I went 6 miles but I am skeptical. I'm also unsure if I made it to the end of this segment or past it, but there was a nice view at the table (It was a foggy/rainy morning.) The 2nd table seemed like a good place to turn around as I was shooting for 2 hours and the trail markers turned blue. I don't recall any trail markers to that point but the trail was really easy to follow. It does indeed start out strenuous.

This is one I do a lot because it's so close to home. It's great exercise me and my dogs. I don't take my kids on this Trail because of the roots and rocks.

Great hike, easy and safe.