Big Hill Pond State Park lies in the southwestern part of McNairy County and encompasses approximately 5,000 acres of magnificent timberland and hardwood bottom land. Cypress Creek and Tuscumbia River border the property. Several oxbow lakes and sloughs add to the waterway. The flood plain adjacent to both the Tuscumbia River and Cypress Creek contains small oxbow lakes and swamp areas which are desirable habitat for waterfowl, wildlife and fishing.

I Hike this trail, and up to the shelter just a half mile away from the observation tower 3-4 times a week

4 months ago

I just did an 'out and back' hike to the Tuscumbia Shelter, a little over 6 mi RT. Lots of wildlife, saw 12 deer, ducks, geese and listened to owls all night while camping at the CG. Climbed the firetower for some awesome views. Good trail, well marked, varied terrain.

Very scenic trail. Good trail markings. The park rangers were very helpful.

6 months ago

Great trail!

7 months ago

Awesome trail!

7 months ago

I have hiked this trail so many times I can't keep count

Loved it! Awesome view! Needs a little upkeep on Boardwalk, but was definable worth the hike! Watch out for snakes...walked up on a large Cottonmouth...threw him back down hill.

10 months ago

The hike was awesome. The view from the observation tower was even better! Can't wait to go back.

11 months ago

Monday, August 01, 2016

Had fun, good hike. I ended up getting mixed up because I thought the BHP trail was going to take me around the lake but it did not. Had to walk through the woods for a while until I found the horse trail, which brought me back.

Monday, May 16, 2016

My husband and I went here today and we really enjoyed ourselves. The trails were really well kept, there were a few steep climbs, but it was well worth it!! I would def recommend anyone wanting to enjoy a nice nature walk/hike to go here :)

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Saturday, December 05, 2015