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Peaceful hike, then the wolves began howling and made it even better!

Beautiful trail around reservoir lake, tons of wildlife, Bays Mountain is a gem!

Beautiful trail around the lake reservoir on top of Bays Mtn. Bound to see wildlife, especially in the summer complete with otters, beavers, and lily pads. Stop by the animal habit exhibits, herpetarium, planetarium, and nature center. Great for kids! Largest municipal park in Tennessee

Nice hike beginning through animal habitat exhibits, going around a lake, and up to the top from there. Pay attention because you do need to change trails and there is more than one way to the summit. Nice view from the fire tower. Be careful, some boards/steps may be damaged or missing.

Great hike, be prepared for it to take 3-5 hours to make it to the top and back down. There are a couple benches at the top to take in the view and to refresh yourself. However, when I went before winter the steps were not in the best shape on the fire tower. So take caution with that. Would advise a walking stick for the inclines.

1 month ago

Great hike! Off Lakeside Trail in Bays Mtn. 3 benches at the top for snacks before climbing the tower. Built in 1937, it’s old but sturdy. Walking sticks help with the incline.

on Fire Tower Trail Loop

3 months ago

Great all day hike. Beautiful view from the firetower!

We love Bays Mountain. There aren't any hikes that will challenge hardcore hikers, but if you are like me and just enjoy beautiful walks in the peaceful woods, then you will love it too. The firetower trail is probably the hardest calf burner in the park, it's a pretty good climb, I think the uphill section is about 500 ft or so of elevation change in a little over a half mile not counting the 68 feet to the top of the tower. The 360° views of the ridge and valley section of the Appalachians are simply breathtaking from here. It is absolutely amazing. We have only been twice, and I can't wait to check it out in the fall.

6 months ago

very nice trail. great views and the fire tower is really fun to go up. it is a little sketchy going up and down the tower but worth it for the view. A must visit if you are in the area and love to hike or ride bikes.

The planetarium is state of the art and the wolf howl is always an awesome thing to witness.

on Bays Mountain Trail Loop

7 months ago

beautiful kid friendly trail. would be perfect if around the lake was cleared up from fallen debris and lily pads. several benches for breaks. did spot a water moccasin trying to get up onto one of the bridges so beware!

I go to bays mountain frequently. it's so peaceful and beautiful.

if your doing this trail it's rocky in some spots but you can also get to to fire tower by using the access roads along back of property. it's easier to come down that way.

love bays mountain. beautiful scenery. love to hike and walk all around .love the animal habitats.

8 months ago

really nice park, good trail/path conditions, moderate difficulty, great views from the top of the fire tower, if you don't mind heights. be careful climbing stairs, they have some sketchy ones.

pleasant surprise after getting past the crowded parking lot. found some peace and quiet on River Mountain Road trail.

have done this trail in every season, hiked with 6 inches of snow. Fall, spring, summer. all are good times To go. at 12 o'clock the wolves are coaxed into howling in their habitat. A nice place to visit.

11 months ago

$5 to get in. Multiple trails that branch off eachother. Map is needed if unfamiliar with it. Some kids towards the beginning

Trail was well kept in most places. couple of steady uphill climbs. Nice canopy of trees for shade. Views from the top were great. Didn't climb the tower because of a couple missing steps.

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