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Wind Cave is distinctive for its calcite fin formations called boxwork and needle-like growths called frostwork. The cave, which was discovered by the sound of wind coming from a hole in the ground, is the world's densest cave system. Above ground is a mixed-grass prairie with animals such as bison, black-footed ferrets, and prairie dogs.

3 days ago

The prairie dogs were lots of fun. The buffalo were also plentiful but not on the trail itself. Great morning hike.

The view was great and trail was very well groomed. We could see all the way to the badlands.

Great for spotting wildlife. I ran into several bison, prairie dogs, and a coyote. The bison can be very intimidating and close to the trail. I had to go off route a couple times to go around them because they looked like they wanted to charge me. Very sunny and overgrown but has some good views!

Great trail with open prairie and canyon areas. Trail well marked except for couple spots but app showed us the way

Easy trail but full of Bison - great to see them and prairie dogs on side road to trail

over grown
1 month ago

Wonderful prairie hike. Beautiful scenery. The trail is overgrown but in good shape. The trail is well marked.

GPs went wonky only 2.8 miles. map says another trail fossil ridge, did not see it. moderate descent and ascent in and out of canyon. rest is fairly flat small creek you can hop across on some rocks. goes up to another turn of the creek that is about 20 yards from the park fence. didnt go over. lots of bison droppings so could see them at right time of day. very cool prairie dog town in the middle.

More of a walk than a hike, the trail follows a gravel road to the edge of the park boundary. Not spectacular but quite lovely. Just what we needed after doing rugged hikes for two and a half weeks. We saw a bison on the trail. Pretty cool!

Not what I’d call an amazing trail , but it was for sure a good relaxing hike ! Saw probably 10 bison , 300+ prairie dogs, lots of interesting bugs, etc. Wind cave was closed for 2 months so this was a good trail to make up for not seeing the cave!

Trail was nice. Saw some buffalo. There is a water crossing but as long as you keep balance you can cross on the rocks

Wonderful hike. The trail is in good shape and well marked. Beautiful canyon. Love this park and area

Great view at the top! The fire tower is blocked off, but you still have a good panoramic view

Really easy trail. Be careful of wildlife. We turned a corner, and a buffalo literally sprinted to the left from behind a hill (we were coming from the right) not even 15 yards from us. We also saw a full grown rattlesnake coiled up.

walk up using trail on the right which while steep is easier. lots of loos rocks and roots coming down so be careful. beautiful views!!

over grown
1 month ago

Awesome hike. I saw numerous Bison, Pronghorn Antelope and a herd of Elk. The trail is overgrown but still easy to follow. The trail is well marked. Every 200-400 yards is a Telephone pole side post standing 3 feet tall with the trail number. The issue is the bison like using them to rub against. A couple were torn from the ground. The first 3 1/2 miles across Bison Flats is trail 3. You then hit a dirt road you turn right on and stay on for 1/2 mile. Then turn left into trail 7 for a little over a mile to the turn around point. U had to divert several times to get around the buffalo. The trail posts made it easy to stay oriented.

Great trail, amazing views. Saw a cool snake on the path.

Great hike. The trail is in good shape and well marked. Wear long pants, it's overgrown. I went clockwise. The 1st half is a beautiful valley/canyon. I came across a buffalo there. The second half is mostly prairie. About one mile through Prairie Dog Towns.

Ridiculously overgrown on a fair amount of the trail, but still a gorgeous trail.

no shade
3 months ago

Pretty decent trail. Unfortunately did not see any bison but the views were spectacular nonetheless. We started hiking around 10AM, finished around 1PM. We suspected the bison were out much earlier in the day, probably around 7AM or so because there was fresh fecal matter right by the trail. The trail offered a decent breeze throughout the hike which made up for the no shade aspect.

no shade
3 months ago

Stopped at Wind Cave for cave tour, very disappointed to be told the elevators are broken and no tours are being offered! Took this little hike as a consolation. Trail climbs out of canyon for some nice views and wildflowers along the way. Watch out for poison ivy which grows thick along the trail as it climbs out of the canyon. Don't expect to see bison, this is within a fence enclosure that keeps the bigger animals away from the visitor center.

ok trail. tad boring.

pretty nice trail going up, the way down looks like a utility trail, a LOT of poison ivy growing right next to the path

Lots of poison ivy. Some was even growing into the trail. I wish the fire tower wasn’t blocked off. Great view at the top regardless.

Stunning view. Easier if done counter clockwise... watch for poison ivy this year.

An excellent trail to see the different ecosystems of Wind Cave National Park. Plenty of prairie (including some dog towns), creeks, ponderosa pine forest, and canyons. Be aware of poison ivy and ticks hiding in the high underbrush, and keep an eye out for the bison that frequent this area of the Park. If you only do one hike in Wind Cave National Park, and don’t mind some tall grass in the summer, make it this one.

Nice hike with a little hill at the beginning. Great trail for wildlife. You walk through a prairie dog town and we also saw 4 bison, one of which followed us almost half way down the trail. We hiked up the rocks at the end of the trail to add some difficulty and increase our view and vantage point. That made is a bit more challenging.

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