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I was able to follow the signs most of the time. Had one or two times I got confused but easily got back on track. Snow and mud prevented me from reaching the top. It was dry lower down below though. Pretty hike close to town. If you want seclusion though, be aware cars on the interstate can be seen and heard a lot of the time.

Rattlesnake blocking the path ended our hike early. Agree with the poor signage comments too, we didn't see many of the alternate routes that we could have taken.

2 months ago

This is a horribly signed trail. We had different map versions, including the one at the start, and none matched up. The signage is few and far between. The trails are named by colors and the colors on the signs did not always match up with what trail we thought we are on. I was following along with with the AllTrails map and was having difficulty keeping us on the trail.

The trail was relatively easy other than a few scrambles up and down near the radio tower where you needed your hands as well.

The fun part for me about the trail was that it is part of an active ranch. So there are cows in the are and we encountered cows at the end of the trail near the water cistern. That being said that means there are cow patties along most of the trail. So if you do not like jumping over and walking around cow patties for a good chunk of your hike, this may not be for you.


6 months ago

Easy hike marked well only 3.5 miles had tall grass but beautiful wild flowers

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6 months ago

Wonderful trail run in the afternoon/evening in springtime. A lot of sun exposure so I’d probably avoid mid-day with peak sun. I cruised along the blur&green routes enjoying sunset colors over Spearfish.

Mostly uphill on gravel until last little bit which is a rocky uphill. Hard to find trail head because new housing development

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