Good Earth State Park southeast of Sioux Falls is an important cultural and historical site as well as a unique nature retreat adjacent to the most developed and populated part of our state. The site itself is one of the oldest sites of long-term human habitation in the United States. The river, abundant wildlife, fertile flood plains, availability of pipestone (catlinite) and protection from winds made the area an important gathering place for seasonal ceremonies and a significant trading center for many tribal peoples from 1300 - 1700 A.D. During this time, occupants were primarily Oneota Tradition Peoples, including Omaha, Ponca, Ioway and Otto, but many other tribes were attracted and participated in trading agricultural product as well as hides, pelts and pipestone (catlinite). This is the largest Oneota cultural site discovered to date in the upper Midwest. There are two other significant Oneota cultural sites located respectively in southwest Iowa and central Missouri.

This is one of the longer trails in the area with a long easy decent to the river. There are three short and moderate hill climbs to get a good heart rate up. Nice views and sometimes you will see deer. Hood variety of oak forest and prairie.

trail running
29 days ago

3 months ago

Easy trails, scenic overlooks were awesome

Great hike, beautiful prairie views

4 months ago

Short easy. Some nicely done scenic overlooks.

Nice trails. Not very difficult. Good for jogging. Some hills.

River View is the newest and longest trail in the newest State Park in South Dakota. It begins on the river bluffs and descends to the river and then goes up to the bluffs again. This is a moderate trail that is mostly dirt/grass path. The beginning is crushed rock. There is old growth Oak forest, prairie and river that makes for a good trail. @backpackerneil

11 months ago

Very nicely kept trail. Took a side trail of the main one and went through the more rough paths that were not as visible- it made for a nice challenge and more of a workout.