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The clear mountain waters are inviting, and the open ranges are waiting to be discovered. Bring your family to Custer State Park, and let yourself run wild. Custer State Park in the Black Hills encompasses 71,000 acres of spectacular terrain and an abundance of wildlife. Within the park, you'll discover a world of adventure!

5 days ago

Beautiful trail. Alternates between open grassland and pine or oak wooded areas with a couple of stream crossings. Gorgeous views. Encountered a herd of bison about half way but was able to skirt around them at a safe distance. Note: the park rates this as a moderate trail and I would agree since the inclines are fairly steep and long - just didn’t feel like an ‘easy’ trail.

What a beautiful hike to Little Devils Tower and back 3.8 miles. Temp was about 64 and pure blue skies and sun. It was so awesome when we got to the top to see the 360 degree views. Breathtaking.

Beautiful lake, beautiful scenery!!

Very pretty hike!

Numerous beautiful terrains. It was a great hike to take in the scenery. It'll work your legs, so be prepared!

We took our two dogs clockwise on the trail, moderate difficulty as described was accurately so....until we approached the base of the staircase. It was HARD. We physically had to lift/ assist our 50 and 60 lb dogs across the rough boulders, ice, and freezing water that lay at our feet. If it was just us- no problem- but you WILL have to carry your dog at some point, also- felt more like 8 miles. One of the more technical trails to traverse with a dog.

Great hike - my nephew who was 5 at the time loved it for 3/4s of the hike and then said it got a little long toward end. I would say that parts of the trail could be considered hard, and allow more time for the trail than you would think.

13 days ago

Absolutely beautiful! Fall colors, babbling brooks, incredible vistas. My kids loved the rock sculptures as well. Highly recommended and we will be back:)

Recommend wearing pants lots of vegetation this hike would be tough on a hot day thankfully it was in the 50s the scenery is beautiful. I would try this hike again

23 days ago

Fun and adventurous out and back. Good amount of climbing and absolutely breathtaking views of amazing rock formations. Would hike this a million times over.

Semi dog friendly. The climbs and descent are dog friendly for bigger dogs only. We have a Sheprador and she made it fine.

24 days ago

I'm glad to see that the 20-somethings said they underestimated this hike. We are 60, and we walk miles at home on a flat rail trail, brisk pace, and have recently hiked the Mighty Five in Utah. We were ultimately glad we did Sunday Gulch, but it took three hours when we thought it would take two, and the boulder climbing at the end with rails is LONG. We were wrung out when it was over but felt like we had accomplished something! Some of the boulders were waist-high on me, so you are definitely pulling yourself up for close to an hour at the end of the hike! We were pushing darkness and wondered if we would make it out before dark! So just allow plenty of time. And wear long pants. The trail is very narrow in a lot of parts with lots of vegetation brushing against your legs. We really enjoyed the views at the beginning, so if you don't want to tackle the whole thing, I would recommend starting the route clockwise--then turn around and go back when it levels out. Then you wouldn't have to do the boulder climbing, but you would also miss the waterfalls and walking across logs to get over small streams. Expect some mud.

26 days ago

26 days ago

Solid 2 miles one way/4 round trip. We only did because we had two small kids who were nearing naptime. I would cut this walk in half by parking at the General Store and walking the 2 miles through the more wooded section.

As a 64 yr old this is a perfect hike for me. Not too hard but not easy either. Last 1/2 mile is definitely more challenging than the rest of the way up. Done this hike twice. Both times was a lot colder & windier at the top. Be prepared for that.

on Lake Sylvan Trail

29 days ago