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Long hike but worth it. First part was a bit overgrown but only annoying. Snow/ice on trail was minimal but fine with caution. Few people except on the main BEP trail.

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2 months ago

Was snowing and the trail was muddy. Slogged through some running water in places.

2 months ago

Hiked this with my 70+ years old parents and they had no trouble. Took about 75 minutes. Absolutely great hike and would recommend. I don't think it matters much which way you take the loop as there are ups and downs both ways.

Nothing special.

2 months ago

Beautiful area. Very easy. Great place for a picnic or to just sit and enjoy the calm.

Easy, typical campground trail at a beautiful lake.

this trail is actually a portion of the HLMP park. there are lots more trails here than this one. this is an excellent trail system for hiking and mountain biking right in the middle of Rapid City with several trail heads on any side of these hills.

3 months ago

This was such a cute trail. We came upon it while camping right across the road. It was very near and it surprised us greatly. Down a little hidden path lands a small waterfall that is so calm and peaceful. Lots of places to climb and see. The trail we went on was only 2.5 miles but it ended up taking us 2 hours cause there was so much to see and do.

I did with my wife and two kids, 10 and 8... We followed the map in the app... it was perfect... beautiful trail... very beautiful!

only did 2.6 from Palmer Gulch,South, burning daylight. beautiful views but should be a little more than moderate, IMHO. would like to experience the whole thing.

Not impressed. Looking forward to water falls, as mentioned by some previous users commented and online pictures, but in reality the water falls are small. Not a good area to swim. The spires are beautiful as you're walking right next to them. We found the trail was strenuous and not a good pay off for views.

Started from Willow Creek trailhead in horse camp vice the recommended start here. Note that the transition from trail 8 to Lost Cabin (trail 2?) is not marked, there is only a slight foot path that will lead you to a turnaround, and from there you turn left and jump on the trail. I had a good time on this hike, but I bumped it down to a 3 due to trail condition. Parts of Lost Cabin were so heavily grown over that it felt like bushwacking. Same with 9 north, though not nearly as bad. Hiked up and ran down as able in 6 hours. Start early to avoid the worst of the heat. No water sources except streams where you need to treat. Go upcreek to avoid the worst of the horse contamination. Have fun out there.

4 months ago

Great walk and beautiful scenery. Several muddy areas and lots of horse poop. Only partially shaded so got a little hot, but not awful.

The end loop does NOT exist. Stay to the right. We were trying to find the trail for an hour and were in the middle of a timber field. Learn from our mistake. This is a true out and back only.

Fun hike with my son again... Slight upgrade most of the way in... I am finding just about every hike with my GSD that is graded as “Easy” I am going to upgrade to “Moderate” in my book! :)
Because every time we get to those water/rock crossings they don’t know take it easy... They seem to know their route long b4 they get there. And boom they’re gone! :)
I definitely need a good pair of hiking boots however if I’m good keep hiking! Our 3.8 hike wound up being 4.2. Fun...Fun!

Urban hike that is part 300+ acre trail system with many offshoot trails from the trail shown here. Nice views of the Black Hills/Black Elk Peak in one direction, prairie in the other and Rapid City below. Inside city limits so you have traffic noise you won’t find on our other Black Hills trail, but is super convenient for locals and visitors spending a day in RC. A good deal of mountain bike traffic but I have always found these bikers courteous to hikers sharing the trail system.

Nice hike with my son again! You can start two ways... We picked to the left which was uphill. Was a good choice I feel. At least for me. Lol Almost all uphill with some level spots but nothing hard for 1.1 miles. Then it was all down hill from there basically for 1.4 miles! At a point going down however when you get near the water and the thick forest the mosquitoes ate my son alive!!! Bring bug spray is all I can advise! Outside that had a great time!

Had a great hike with my son! Easy hike! Took only one GSD with us this time... Made it easier for my son... Beautiful weather in the low 60’s... Couldn’t ask for better conditions... 2.8 miles this time... Really enjoying hiking... Wish I had started this years ago... We’re doing it now so I guess that’s what matters the most...

Good hike with the kids... about 90% I would consider an “easy” hike.... the other involved hopping rocks and dealing with traveling along the creek and hurtling logs over the paths

6 months ago

Great, fairly easy hike. The water is nice.

great hike non-stop. up 9 down 4 with trip up lil round top 4 fun. windy on both black elk &lol round top. trails were great. going back soon.

A nice short hike with views of Harney Peak (Black Elk Peak). We decided to hike up the steps of the left side 1st which has some incredible boulders just off the trail. We were starting to think we may have somehow missed the waterfall, with less than 1/2 mile left & then there it was. It was kind of marshy & lots of limbs to maneuver under/around to get a better view but worth it. We ended up walking 3.16 mi in all. Not my favorite hike in the hills but still pretty.

Love hiking in this area

Wednesday, October 04, 2017

snow on the hilltop and several whitetail deer, very nice hike.

Monday, October 02, 2017

Invigorating and beautiful in the fall. We enjoyed the variety of ecosystems. North end of trail is rustic but this app keeps you on the right trail.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

beautiful, peaceful, wooded hike by lake. some hills. I'd say not quite easy.

Monday, September 18, 2017

The best part of this trail is the rocks you can climb off trail. That is where the great views are....

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Beautiful scenery! I didn't give it a five only because it's fairly high traffic and all the boats on the lake make it not very secluded.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Beautiful scenery and a relaxing walk/hike.

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