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Really enjoyed this hike! Trail 9 going up is easy for the most part. There are some steeper stretches near the top but not bad. We came down on trail 3 for a bit and then it branches onto trail 4. 3 and 4 are definitely a bit more challenging as they are narrower and more rocky but still doable.

trail running
3 days ago

This was my first hike!
I really enjoyed it. There were some parts harder then others.

Gorgeous hike. Start early in the morning as a mid-summer hike can be warm! Did not do the Cathedral Spires loop but went up and back Trail 9. First high point! (July 8, 2017)

5 days ago

Awesome time! Great trail!!

5 days ago

Great hike!

7 days ago

Best hike in the Black Hills! A must do if you're visiting or live locally! Take a lunch/snack and enjoy the view up top. Also take a light coat even if it's hot down below as the weather definitely can change quickly. Easy to moderate hike, but more strenuous at the top. Family/pet friendly.

Awesome views!

9 days ago

Nice trail that few are using, only us and 2 mountain bikers.

A couple points had cow paths intersecting but finding the right path was not too difficult. Overall a very nice trail with gentle climb and decents. Seemed a llittle longer than the 5.8 mile with us recording about 6.8 or so.

Thoroughly enjoyed this hike. It says it takes 4-5 hours but we did it in 2.5. Got plenty of pictures and spent 15 minutes at the summit. Make sure to bring at least a liter of water and a snack. The last half mile or so is pretty strenuous but it was definitely worth the view.