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3 days ago

Perfect spot for a spontaneous weekend mountain hike. It was just under 4 hours from Charleston and I stayed less than a mile from the trailhead at Laurel Mountain Inn.
I was the first one on the Mountain Sunday morning right at 7 am and didn't see a single person on the way up. It took me right at 1 hour 45 minutes to reach the summit and a little less than that to get down (it helped I was hiking alone).
It was pretty cool out (about 55-60 degrees) but I still needed over 2 liters of water so bring plenty, especially if its warm.
The views are incredible so definitely worth it. But it gets pretty steep at times so you'll want to be in halfway decent shape to make it all the way up. After the first 2 miles there are some flat stretches which help.

Love this trail! What a beautiful view when you make it to the top!

8 days ago

Trail is definitely worth it only problem me and my aunt really ran into was that we did not bring enough water but other than that the hardest part we found about the trail is most of the trail obviously is uphill but there is a lot of steps on the trail. At the end of the trail though it is all worth it.

11 days ago

Amazing hike! Lots of varied terrain but definitely the stair master of hikes. I can’t wait to do it again. I started at 8:40 and was back at base 11:40.

12 days ago

It is challenging but very much worth it once you’re at the top. It takes at least 4 hours round trip for a leisure/good cardio pace. Beautiful waterfalls at the beginning and beautiful views at the top.

20 days ago

Super well-kept and challenging trail! I did it with my dog today, and we had a ton of fun. One tip I would give that I haven't seen is that if you are bringing your dog, have them wear a harness or something that has a handle or an easy way to grab them just in case. There are some steep rock faces with very narrow steps, and my dog slipped a couple of times while trying to make her own path, so I had to grab her. Maybe that's just my clumsy girl, but her dog-pack having a handle on it helped a lot with my piece of mind.

Went there last week. Awesome and difficult hike. Headed back in June. I didn't bring my camera as it was supposed to rain. Did it in 3 days.

24 days ago

Amazing hike and views. Do not underestimate this trail it was challenging both up and down. Trial was well marked throughout and tons of people around.

Very well maintained and clearly laid out. The was a lot of uphill, and at a relatively good income. But, the view is well worth it. We plan on doing the loop to Pinnacle Mountain next time!

Great hike, not as easy for us older folks, but well worth it. There are a lot of trees fallen across the trail. In one spot the trail is totally obscured. We tried to follow the track on Alltrails and still ended up off trail. We eventually spotted the trail below us, the descent back down to it was steep. Following the trail back it was not hidden.

29 days ago

Hard!! But worth it and BEAUTIFUL VIEW at the top. Actually it has awesome views throughout the hike. I’ve hiked it 4 times. Highly recommend this hike but be prepared and have plenty of H2O.

1 month ago

Not as hard as the park rangers tell and several spots for great views!

I hiked this trial on the 19th of April. Very steep path, certainly between start and first 1.5 miles. Certainly after 2 miles it gets less demanding. At Governors Rock faced a lot of wind but enjoyed a lot the view. The overlook on top of Table Rock is magnificent. Fantastic view over the massive forests this region has. Definitely worthwhile! All in all this can be a tough hike for non trained persons. I started the hike at 11h30 and got back at the entrance around 14h30. One can do it in half a day. Great to have this hike checked of off my to-do-list. Greetings

1 month ago

This hike, in my opinion, is an ideal day hike. It has it all: a timeline totally doable in a half day, interesting trail that is well maintained, and amazing views from the top. I hiked this on a Wednesday in April, starting at 7:40 am, and reaching the summit in a little under 1 hr 40 min. I hiked with my favorite hiking companion (my dog), and we had a great time. We didn't see a single person on the way up, or during our 50- minute stay at the top! We had GREAT views from many lookouts on the huge summit. We started our descent a little after 10, and got back to the car at 11:30. We were taking our time on the way down, as I had to negotiate my dog down the steep rock sections at the top, and he had to sniff and pee on a lot of things. So overall trip time was 3 hr 50 min, but only 3 hr of that being actual hiking, with 50 min at the summit. For planning purposes, this hike was not particularly difficult if you are a semi-regular hiker and in decent shape. However, if your idea of a "hike" is something like Yellow Branch Falls (3 miles on flat terrain through the woods), then this may not be the hike for you. Would not recommend for inexperienced hikers, individuals who are out of shape, or those with joint issues, due to the steeper sections of the trail. If you are in good shape, you should get a nice little workout doing this. Overall, a great view and experience payout for relatively low time investment. I will certainly be going back!

As Everyone says... Very difficult, but worth it! It had been on our to do list for years. Don't care what anyone says, it's definitely harder coming back down. Great feeling of accomplishment for casual hikers.

Great easy hike to a pretty waterfall. The the connection spur to the waterfall is unmarked but well established. It ascends rapidly at the very end. Take your time and the view will be well worth your hard work.

1 month ago

Great hike! Tough trek but the view atop make it totally worth the torture. The app underestimates the actual elevation gain and loss. The app’s elevation map stars the trailhead starts around 1200’ and the summit is around 3000’ which would put total elevation in the 3400’- 3600’ range and not the 2600’ listed. In other words it’s more difficult than you might think.

Challenging hike, with great views.

1 month ago

Have done this trail twice. It is amazing. The view at the top is gorgeous and worth the steep climb.

1 month ago

It was an amazing experience, many different hiking trials to choose from with varying difficulties. I also had the chance to enjoy kayaking right beside the trails! Definitely recommend to any and everyone.

Was super hard and we are in decent shape. My husband calls this one the stair-master! The views are totally worth it though. I would not recommend this one for small kids or first time hikers.

It was great to hike some elevation. Coming down is hard on the knees! The walk up is beautiful with waterfalls and streams. Nice vistas

Climbed Table Rock 3/16. Good and strenuous climb. Nice weather day

2 months ago

Not as hard as you might think. Pick a nice clear day to enjoy the views. Great trail.

Evil and mean on the knees! Can’t wait to do it again

uphill almost the entire way with some rock scrambling ... great hike with amazing views!

Easy for its length. Not even bad in the rain. Not the most entertaining hike though

The trail was demanding but rewarding from the view

3 months ago

It is not as bad as you think but it is totally worth it

Great trail. One of the best I’ve done yet!! Trail had a lot of great views, waterfalls, and much more. If you do this make sure you take plenty of protein to help your muscles recovery from all the climbing you will do. This only took us about a day and half. We ventured a little off course to get the overview of table rock as well.

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