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Table Rock Mountain provides a towering backdrop for an upcountry retreat at the edge of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Table Rock State Park features two lakes, a campground, mountain cabins, meeting facilities and its historic, renovated lodge. The park has been one of South Carolinas most popular since it was built by the Civilian Conservation Corps in the 1930s. Many of its structures are now on the National Register of Historic Places. Table Rock was home to one of the states first formal nature education programs and now serves as a trailhead for the 80-mile long Foothills Trail through the wilderness along the Blue Ridge Escarpment. Trails through the forested park also include one that leads to the top of Table Rock Mountain itself. The park also hosts a visitors center near the main gate along S.C. 11, the Cherokee Foothills National Scenic Highway.

I hiked this in early March and the views at bald knob were spectacular. I loved the little waterfalls and mountain views along the trail. I can't wait to do it again. Be aware: it is 7.2 miles to bald knob and back, NOT the summit.

2 days ago

It seems like it was only yesterday...because it was :) . This trail is a challenge! The first two miles are straight up....a lot of stone and wooden stairs to climb. Then a half mile flat...then a climb...at mile 3 another flat...and then one last push to the top. And then you descend a bit to get to the overlook. The climb down...it is not a breeze. Don't expect an easy decent. It rained briefly , just enough to slicken the rocks which slowed us up..because better safe than sorry. This was rewarding...the view is great, and you will be proud of yourself , to be sure. After the hike was over we showered in the lowest waterfall, in Cold mountain water! And then drove back to Charleston.

Hiked table Rock trail. Very strenuous uphill climb for most of it. Incline dirt trail and lots of steps up rocks. Beautiful view is your reward.

this is an easy little hike around the lake inside Table Rock State Park. Not a ton of elevation change but a good view of the dam waterfall. really cool for the kids. plenty of places to wet a hook should you decide to.

First real hike in SC. We're from Colorado so we have plenty of trail time. Nice li'l hike. The gate to the summit was closed so we respected it, but I wish we hadn't. We'll go back just to say we did it. Our first 3er! The trail was more steep than I expected. It broke my niece's will to walk. Not as challenging as the high country in the Rockies but the humidity did add a layer of difficulty. I look forward to many more of these day hikes.

I've hiked this trail many times. the last time was about 6 years ago when my wife and I were dating. since there was the big fire and a flood. The trail has changed a little bit but is still an AMAZING adventure! 3 kids later, my wife and I returned and took all of our boys on the trail. the trail begins with a small fall at the trail head. I suggest going to the left when hiking as it is a big loop. going up on the left means you go up with the creek as a distraction to your ascent. cool little wooden bridges and areas to climb out onto rocks in the river to get kids excited about hike as well as a nice distraction. On descent, beautiful rock/river formations in the forest and of couse the "Indian Cave" I always show my boys...a rock formation I use as a landmark to let them know we are winding down the hike. Bring something to splash in as you arrive back at the falls and there is a splash pool provided by Mother Nature, Herself! NO DRONES...PARK RULES as Osprey attack them. Take the family..ENJOY! Go early, come back and go swimming in the Table Rock swimming area vomplete with HIGH DIVE!! Sno cones, ice cream, fishing, boating, MILES of more trails!! Can you tell? WE LOVE TABLE ROCK AND THIS TRAIL! !

This is no joke. The hike is beautiful and my legs felt like Jello. It was intense but I am so glad I did it! My legs hurt for three days later. haha

13 days ago

Great hike along the creek with lots of places to get in and enjoy the water. Great for dogs.

13 days ago

This is a very steep trail and at times you have to almost crawl up the rocks. It is tough going up, but totally beautiful once you get there. There were dogs that made it all the way up. Going down is a breeze compared to the trip up.

14 days ago

Easley loop around the lake. Pretty scenic hike. Came across a black bear on the trail. He quickly ran away after seeing us and us making noise.

LOVE THIS TRAIL! My 2yo and 5yo really enjoy the small bridges, view of the dam overflow, and small creek crossings. Plenty of benches to sit and enjoy the view of the lake. Also, there is a bench next to the dam that has the perfect view of Table Rock.

18 days ago

This is my favorite CHALLENGING hike in S.C. I have done it many times and it never disappoints. Bring a lunch and eat it at the top with the view.

Really nice hike up to Pinnacle Mountain. A few rock scrambles and steep near the top. The first two miles runs along Carrick Creek with some really nice waterfalls and stream crossings. We hiked really early and there was hardly anyone on the trail. It can be crowded later in the day. Carry plenty of water!

28 days ago

This is an easy loop utilizing parts of the Table Mountain and Pinnacle Mountain trails. Hiking clockwise follows Carrick Creek with some beautiful waterfalls and stream crossings. We hiked early and traffic was light. Mountain Laurels were still blooming in Mid June.

Solid challenging trail with a dope lookout

This was an awesome experience. The beginning of the trail had a waterfall/stream where kids played in. At the end of the hike it gives you the option of cooling yourself off lol. Once you get to governors rock I would say your 2/3 of the way up to the summit. If you can keep pushing forward the view is definitely worth it. I do caution there is some intervals of heavy incline. After these inclines the trail flattens out a bit to give you a decent break before the next one.

Great trail! pack plenty of water and snacks! your knees will definitely feel it the next day!

Excellent hike. Good view from Bald Knob. Dropped my water bottle down a ravine towards the top. Luckily a kind woman gave me a bottle of water down back at the nature center. Very much appreciated. Thanks!!!!

Last mile is tough- Note: this is 8.4 miles out and back. Beautiful view at bald knob at 3.6 miles. Can be subtropical conditions in summer at the lower altitude, need bug spray in summer trail is not as cleared as Table Rock trail.

1 month ago

A great hike on a clear summer day. Gets pretty steep and rocky in some areas. Plenty of options to take additional trails and loops around. The streams and waterfalls right after the trailhead are a great treat after a long hike.

At the time of writing the both water fountains at the trailhead were out of service. Make sure you come prepared with at least 2 liters!

nice hike, a lot of climbing. great views

Did this in 3hrs 30mins during a lightning storm and down pour. In Summer ridgeline is a bit overgrown with some fallen trees and tons of ticks. I had to tick check every half mile and pulled off 5 ticks total. Run is pretty straight forward, no views on ridgeline until the bald from pinnacle or tablerock. I started on Pinnacle trail. No water up top, bring what you need.

trail running
1 month ago

Nice trail, tons of streams when you start and people bathing in the waterfalls. You go through a waterfall at some point and then reach two balds at the top. No water up there. At the very top, its just a sign, no views. Did this on my run of the loop to table rock.

1 month ago

Wonderful mountain to hike, and it will definitely give you a workout..

Wonderful hike! This one will get you sweating! Lots of stone steps and uphills, great mix. The hike begins pretty easy, then ramps it up with some stone steps and elevation, then it gets easy again until after mile 2, be prepared to scale some rocks! The views from governor's rock are spectacular and a good resting point before making it all the way to table Rock! wonderful views!

One of the only hikes in table rock state park that you won’t be surrounded by other hikers the entire time. Beginner - Intermediate level hike. Don’t miss the trail head to the falls, trail right, immediately after the creek crossing. The hike up is breath taking, steep creek with granite cliffs and boulder gardens surrounding. Don’t be a pack mule, be sure to get off trail and look around. Caves, swimming holes, and so much more to be had here .

A decent trail until you get off onto the spur. Overgrown with nettles at your ankles (hiked in June) Fallen trees block your way on the spur and it’s hard to traverse in general. No views either.

1 month ago

Everyone who is saying this trail is not for beginners....they are 100% correct. I am fairly overweight and this was my first time hiking, it took me a long time to hike this trail. It's entirely uphill, lots of stone steps that make it difficult for someone short like me. At the end of the day though I was really proud of myself for completing it!

on Table Rock Trail

1 month ago

Best trail ever. I visit every year with my kids. Not for lazy people or beginners.

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