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Great hike for the entire family. Note the trail head is 75 feet from sign where you park your car; trailhead is marked by large boulders on both sides of trail start. When you reach the river you have to take a hard left in order to reach the waterfall. It is another .3 passing two streams.

18 days ago

one of the most beautiful spectacular views, if your able to go to the lowest level of the falls you won't regret it. I got chills just seeing the beauty that God created.

We loved this, but it was some work to get down to see falls. Worth the effort, but need to be in good shape.

Nice little hike.. not difficult at all and even small children can do that... the waterfall at the end is really beautiful!!

21 days ago

Well worth the walk in. The drive in is a bit lengthy and I parked on the main road, I was driving a car and couldn't navigate the water bars. The gate to the road was open the day I went. The walk was very easy and well marked. wish I could have had more time to walk to the lower part of the falls. Caution does need to be taken because of the potential dangerous of falling down near the top because of slick rocks.

mountain biking
23 days ago

Woooohoooo Did Deepstep today and there are places that the trail is not so beginner friendly. I would call it a moderate trail

One of my favorite waterfalls! The river was beautiful and the falls were roaring. I feel like the trail is varied and fairly easy for the first bit. On the way back up, it is quite steep for a ways. Very secluded and peaceful in late spring. For beginners who like a challenge!

The hike was Good except I was the only one doing the entire hike
To start with, there is no marking that says there is a hike, there will be a muddy road going indicating the start of the hike. You can park on the side of the road but there are not many spots (I was lucky, I was the only one but was still concerned about the safety of the car)
The trail is not well marked but the muddy pathway is about 15 feet wide for most of the part and you can just follow that.
There will be few points where the roads goes in two directions but try to be on the right. The last part of the hike is really steep and you have to literally crawl down holding roots and branches. The waterfall is really nice and rewarding.
I will not risk taking children and pets if I want to go to the waterfall. You have to crawl down even to see that as it’s not visible from a distance.

29 days ago

Nice, well marked trail. Beautiful waterfalls. Stop by the beach on your way out.

Worth the hike to the falls. Not to steep some climbing nothing to hard, our 3 year old loved it. Our dog enjoyed it as well. wear closed toe shoes very wet trail. Take water with you as well. Well maintained tail and very well marked. if you haven't been deff worth the trip!!! lots of wildlife & birds.

Took two dogs. Very narrow if your dogs haven’t been hiking then not a place for them. Wear hiking boots as it’s very narrow and muddy. Short but pretty once you get to the bottom. If you want to get wet it’s not too deep but cold.

Great workout with a beautiful view the entire hike.

Pretty falls, but extremely muddy. Very narrow and not well defined. Not safe for dogs

1 month ago

First things - We did not hike the entire trail. We only hiked to Earl's Ford (it was my daughters first backpacking trip and we wanted to keep it light.

I guess I was just hoping for more highlights. We thought a lunch at Earls Ford would be nice - play in the water and then work our way back... Earls Ford is beautiful and would be a perfect picnic spot, except for the car campers and ORV folks. Lots of trash and trucks.

The trail isn't used much by hikers - we saw 1 hiker over the past 2 days. The campsites are large, but nothing too exceptional, and they seem to be spaced out ever 3 miles or so. There were a few sections with lots of horse traffic (although marked as hikers only), and the spiders are plentiful.

1 month ago

We had a lot of fun hiking to these beautiful falls.

In order to see all 4 falls you have to climb more than hike. They are beautiful though. The fall that is off to the left requires you to walk over a fallen tree over water or through water.

Took the family here today, we had a blast. Was able to get some great shots. The kids are use to adventures so we made each set of falls, our smallest is 3 and she did just fine, but they stay outdoors.

My wife and I went hiking yesterday and because we Did Not know nor understood the map instructions and were not prepared for the trails, we suffered a lot. We wanted to take the smaller trail, but we missed the entrance to it and ended up in the longest one (Red Trail). No water, No cellphone, No flashlight (it was about to get nighttime). Wife had Converse Shoes which are Not good for hiking like that. It could have gone real bad if it wasn’t for two Angels. The two Angels were running the trail we were in and as they passed by, they stopped and asked if were alright since we look awful. They offered sip of their drink and explained that that was the long trial and we still had about 4 miles to end at exit. They recommended to turn back which we did (about 3 miles back). That sip was a lifesaver. When we were close to the exit (about 1/2 mile), here comes the Angels looking out for us with a big nice cold bottle of water. They stayed w us until the exit and explained how the trail system works. I really want to Thank these two Angels. They are French and live in North Augusta. I wish I remember their names, but my brain was not all there. We Bless then with our prayers and thank God for their timing. If you see these or you know of them please send an email to jose.delvallex@yahoo.com. Lesson here, be prepared for these trails and understand how they are set up before you go in.

1 month ago

I went on June 30. The view was great, but I wish it was closer to the Falls. Looking at them from distance, you really miss the powerful energy then if you were closer. I’ll try the upper Falls next time.

So beautiful! Definitely more of a climb than a hike.

The road markers had been removed, so track the driving distance carefully. The walk in was pretty easy. However just before we got to the falls, there was a big log across the trail. Although someone had cut a notch in it, it was still too high for these 70 year old legs to get over without additional steps (that were't there), so we never made it to the falls.

Camping was great falling asleep to the sounds of the falls. They are absolutely stunning but it is more of a climb than a hike, but a million times worth it! Also worth it to go after a rainfall, looking back at the pictures it wouldn't have been as impressive if it didn't rain a day before we went.

Very nice Hike, the waterfalls were beautiful and rolling really well. the trail was shaded even with the heat it's not that bad.

Kings Creek falls is absolutely amazing. Fairly easy to get to, well maintained trails, except closer to the falls it gets a little tricky. It’s very muddy around the falls, with some slick rocks you’ll have to climb down. The payoff is worth it.

I've hiked four of the six trails Great Wall Loop, Deep Step, Big Rock and Tower. The trails on the South Trail head Great Wall Loop, Deep Step, Brown Wave and Skinny Loop are easy to find, and you usually have to share those trails with mountain bikers, which has never been a problem for us. There is a North Trail head, and that's where you can find Big Rock and Tower, their location isn't easy to find. You have to go a mile down Logging Road 661 and you will come to the parking lot( not very big), but that's where both the trailheads can be found. These Trails you usually have to yourself because of their location.

Great short hike along a well marked trail slow descent path past a river bend sand into the falls. Little not to like. Falls in full flow after all the past weeks rain.

2 months ago

this Trail is perfect for hiking a mountain biking the length of the trail makes it challenging I would not recommend for a beginner hikers but if you've ever hiked the couple long Trails this Trail would be perfect for you lots of opportunity to run into wildlife living and dead LOL

Attempted this hike on 5/29/18. In need of trail maintenance. Lots of ticks, overgrowth, and downed trees. When numerous ticks were discovered on my husband and dog, we turned around.

The falls at the end of this trail were beautiful and worth the hike. Finding the trailhead was a little confusing. The actual trail was 75 yards back up the road from the trail marker.

Quick hike from the parking lot with a beautiful waterfall at the end. Really enjoyed this one after camping along the Chattooga River the night before.

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