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Really nice trail. Didn’t see anyone else on the trail and was thankful not to see any wild hogs that I had heard about!

Excellent trail, beautiful scenery and an awesome waterfall. No one on the trail today, will be back to do this again.

over grown
washed out
15 days ago

This trail section was moderately difficult. The most difficult section was an area where the trail was practically in the river causing me to have to scramble over a few rocks which was a little sketchy. I assume the trail was on a beach there at one point in time and now the beach has washed away. Other than that the only issue I had was all the low hanging branches (I’m 6’4”) I kept getting smacked in the head. I would do this trail again. Probably not after a rain next time as that made it more challenging.

Nice hike down. I got wet crossing the river. It's deep right now from all the rain and the rocks are slippery. Coming in view of the falls is breathtaking. On the way back there are several sandy places to stop and relax. Lots of burned and charred trees. I'm assuming there was a wild fire at some point. We had several branches fall near us on the trek back which is mostly all uphill. The trail is smooth and manageable. Not many roots. The most difficult is getting to the falls at the end. The road leading to the falls is gravel but maintained. Some low hanging branches will scrub a truck. When you park you have to walk back up the road to get to the trail for the falls . Turn between 2 boulders and there is a sign and the trail is very well marked with white blazes. We liked it.

27 days ago

This was an awesome shorter hike with pretty tough vertical terrain, plenty of shade and water, as well as 3 falls to visit on one trail. The Falls themselves are pretty remarkable and glad I visited them! 1st is Andrew Ramey Falls, then Pristine Falls & finally Fall Creek Falls. Be careful of vertical and slippery areas. The trail isn't marked incredibly well, but it wasn't tough to follow.

Short Video of Our Hike: https://youtu.be/E-ZMJ77rV7I

28 days ago

Trail is well marked with white blazes and a heavily beaten path. It is mostly downhill going which makes it an uphill trek on the way back. There are a couple of creek crossings. Depending on the creek levels it may be crossed on rocks or you may need water shoes. The trail opens up to what looks like a small beach area. Go to the left to continue on the path to the falls. Every bit of effort put into this hike is worth the spectacular views of the falls! There are plenty of rocks to sit on and take in the view and lunch. Enjoy!

1 month ago

tough hike but gorgeous rewards...Falls were amazing

This was an awesome shorter hike with great views, plenty of shade and water, as well as nice Chattooga River flowing by. The Falls themselves are pretty remarkable and some that I will visited again!

Quick Video of the hike: https://youtu.be/50cogKDY4FA

This trail was amazing! The first mile is pretty easy with a little bit of hilly areas but gradual slopes. The second half of the trail is not as gentle but the views are worth it. Don’t stop at the beach.....keep going!

Awesome trail. A little muddy when wet. The signage was confusing.

Very well maintained, spacious trail, easy on the way down, tough sustained climb out though. It's 2.2 miles to the river and another .3 miles (so actually 5 miles out & back) to the falls, which were amazing, so much to explore! No bugs and nice Winter views. Long Creek Falls is .7 miles further down the same forest road and would be great to do with Opossum Creek Falls if you've got 8+ miles in ya lol But definitely recommend this trail first due to energy spent.

2 months ago

a beautiful waterfall.easy hike. short hike.

Great Hike! Really nice trail. Beautiful area.

Great hike! Great views! We will be back!

Awesome intermediate hike, well groomed trail.

Great hike. Road in good condition. Chattooga River was super high, waterfall was raging. Uphill basically the entire way back to the car but totally worth it. Nice well-maintained trail.

This might be one of my favorite hikes. The water is so pretty and the trail is well maintained and marked

This hike can fool you. It is relatively easy on the way down to the falls. As other reviewer‘s have mentioned, there is a sharp left at the “end”of the trail (at the river) to get to the falls. The falls are spectacular. The tricky part is on the way back, it is mostly uphill. The hike it’s not difficult but the return trip will exert some energy. Well worth the time.

Just to be clear in case someone else gets confused LoL.... when you park in the pull off gravel road you came up on, you will see a trail marker not far. on the trail marker you will see "74 yards" written in marker with an arrow pointing to the left. Walk back down the road you drove up on about that distance to find the actually trail beginning. Do not think it's the opening right next to the trail marker.

We went to the end of the dirt road to park my car then loaded up into the truck and went down the “primitive road” The trail was great! The last little bit is a little difficult but my 3 year old son did most of this hike.

Alltrails shows this as a loop, but the trail disappears at the halfway point, around the old abandoned bridge. I marched on anyway through the woods and finally picked the trail back up at the point where it leaves the creek. But even then there were parts of the trail overgrown and hard to find.

the waterfall was absolutely breathtaking

7 months ago

A well-marked moderate trail. Will cross 2 small streams on the way to the falls. Beach area provides a place for those who want to take a dip. Recommend bug spray. Beautiful views with roaring falls.

There are some well established camp sites right at the beginning of the trail, once I got past those it was complete solitude. Saw 3 people over 24 hours. Trail itself runs along the Chatooga and there are about 6 dispersed camping sites Allen g it’s banks. There aren’t any huge inclines/declines but plenty of fallen trees, washed out trails, etc to keep you on your toes. Would recommend it for those looking to get away from the crowded North Georgia areas.

Great hike for the entire family. Note the trail head is 75 feet from sign where you park your car; trailhead is marked by large boulders on both sides of trail start. When you reach the river you have to take a hard left in order to reach the waterfall. It is another .3 passing two streams.

Great trail with scenic views. Only did 8 miles and back. Found several great spots to fish and swim in the river. Several campsites located along the river. A few trees had fallen along the trail, but they were easy enough to step over or crawl under. A very small portion has been washed out along the river bank but it wasn't dangerous. I highly recommend it for camping. Overall not difficult, would be good for all skill levels.

One of my favorite waterfalls! The river was beautiful and the falls were roaring. I feel like the trail is varied and fairly easy for the first bit. On the way back up, it is quite steep for a ways. Very secluded and peaceful in late spring. For beginners who like a challenge!

The trail was in overall great shape. We hiked four miles in hoping to find big bend falls. It’s practically non-existent, we couldn’t find it and the trail boss said it’s really hard to find and not worth seeing. We ended up setting up camp about 4.2 mi in from the Burrell ford parking lot on a GREAT beach spot. Hiked back out the next day and stayed at the campgrounds there which were in good shape. Fishing was decent. Water was great for swimming. All around awesome. Definitely make sure you hit kings creek fall while you’re there it was the highlight to the trip.

9 months ago

Nice, well marked trail. Beautiful waterfalls. Stop by the beach on your way out.

Great workout with a beautiful view the entire hike.

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