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The reviews are right, the short last bit to the falls is VERY steep going downhill. Once you're done viewing the falls and start heading back, you have to essentially crawl up what you just slid down. It was fun though! Definitely an adventure. If the rest of the hike had been as scenic as the end, I would have rated this higher.

Side note- the trails are not well marked. There are pink flags that are accurate for a while, but once you hit an odd shaped hump in the trail, you pretty much deviate away from the pink flagging and go through a trail that is much thinner and less defined as what you had gotten used to.

Nice hike. Falls impressive. Save some water and vigor for the climb back to the parking lot.

Excellent trail. More "easy" than moderate... just a little ascending.

The falls are some of the most beautiful I've seen in this area.

Nice lookout 1m. from parking lot to see before or after by car.

6 days ago

I love this hike with the family. It's pretty easy going if you drive down the access road from the gravel State Road that leads to the trail head. The sign recommending 4 wheel drive is accurate, especially in the summer when a random thunderstorm can leave it muddy. If you don't have 4WD, hiking it doubles the walking distance and makes for a much tougher uphill hike back to the car. The swimming hole and beach area are perfect, and there is plenty to explore down river and above the falls. Campsites are also plentiful, but please don't camp on the beach. Not only does it flood quickly in a rain storm, but it causes erosion and any junk left behind becomes a beach hazard or washes into the river.

Be careful trying to find this as vandals steal the sign to the falls. We had no phone service and if not for a kind local, we would not have found it.

Beautiful falls... horrible trail.

If you want a great hike...look elsewhere. If you want to see and play in a waterfall... it's a great one.

9 days ago

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9 days ago

15 days ago

I wouldn't rate this as a difficult hike; it was fairly easy until the last descent to the waterfall and that gets a bit tricky. Absolutely stunning little spot at the end though!

Best falls around! A little steeper then I expected but so worth the journey!

Beautiful falls- well worth the hike! it's a very natural path and a pretty steep incline on the way back up. Great hike!

I only got a few miles in, but I had kids. I didn't want to turn them against hiking. I think it's a great hike though and if u get hot take a dip in the ice cold mountain water. I camped here once before and loved it.

23 days ago

Camped 2 nights on the river. Did some fishing. I'll use this trail again.

Our daughter absolutely loved this hike and had a blast playing in the pool at Pigpen with her cousin. There was a tree down blocking the trail between Pigpen and Licklog the first time we visited, but we have gone back to play at Pigpen again and got to go check out Licklog. Definitely worth the easy hike.