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Great hike in and hike out. Would consider more of a moderate hike than east but wonderful.

10 days ago

Pretty trail, not too strenuous with a great beach to catch some rays before you head back out

17 days ago

Good starting hike

Great hike. Young children friendly. Beautiful falls and the children loved playing at the falls.

on Buncombe Trail

18 days ago

This is a nice walk, it is heavily used.

There's quite a climb coming back from the river. I enjoy sitting on a big rock and watching kayakers come down stream.

This is my favorite Sunday afternoon trek.

Great beginner mountain biking trails

22 days ago

I really enjoyed this trail! pretty easy till the end. getting down the hill is easy, getting up is kind of tough. not a dangerous trail at all. there's a number of tree fallen on the trail after the 4x4 trail begins so it is best to just walk that part. no good places to hang a hammock but plenty of good rocks to sit on. If you get the chance, climbing the falls is cool too. once you grt to a point where theres a big mud hole, look to the right. you'll find a sign starting the walking trail and follow that. it won't be obvious to find the trail. just as a warning, the amount of spiders on this trail is ABSURD. bring a towel and a stick of some sort. I found three spiders on me before getting back in my truck after already wiping probably a dozen off already through the trail.

Pretty hike!

on Long Creek Falls

27 days ago

such a hidden gem! the falls at the end are absolutely beautiful. the trail is not well marked, so we used a guide. the very end is a steep descent to the falls.