Nice off road driving. Around 4.5 miles loop.

I just finished up the Little Black River Trail. It was listed as 3.9miles but this app recorded it as 4.4 miles-from car to car and staying on the listed trail. It took us 1 hour and 37minutes at a moderate walking pace (3 adults in our upper 20s). The trail was well-marked if you pay attention at each intersection. There was no tree cover so I can't imagine doing this in warmer weather. Today was a 74F degree day in January and it was mildly windy on the trail, but we still got bitten by mosquitos. The trail itself had high dry grass and sticks that would hit your ankles so it wasn't the most pleasant and needs to be mowed shorter. It would be okay for bike rides, but not strollers or wagons. We only saw 1 alligator and a few birds, not nearly as much wildlife as expected. The trail is all on flat marshland. Overall it was an okay walk, but not very interesting or pretty. We probably won't be doing this one again.

Walked the Kingfisher Loop this afternoon. The trail is slightly overgrown and hard to find marked trees. Once on the far side of the lake, downed trees from hurricane Matthew and flooding are still a problem. You need to go off trail and make your way through the woods (and mosquitoes!!) and hopefully find your way back to a marked trail.

Checked out the Little Back River Trail yesterday (11/11) and wasn't that thrilled with the experience.

The trails were easily accessible due to a recent grass cutting, but the bulldozer tracks and smell of smoke in the air really took away from the experience. There are several side roads on this lollipop trail that are not marked, making it easy to take an unintended detour. We ended up walking an additional .9 miles because of this.

It's an easy walk, mostly flat terrain. In my opinion there isn't much to look at though, making it a rather uninteresting walk. We did see a few gators and a lot of birds but it's not a trail I will be doing again.

These trails obviously lack of maintenance, the trails are covered with knee-high grasses. We walked the Little Back River trail on rough grasses for half a mile before deciding to turn back and drive on to Tupelo trail. We were able to walk a mile then the trail's condition turns to the same. We finally agreed to quit with disappointment.

Visitor center are very nice, the entrance from 17 is fully equipped with the electric gate, ten of cars park in the staff parking lot, the county seems to invest more in visitor facility and staff than maintaining the hiking trails.

I do not recommend to hike over here.

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A quick little leg stretcher. This interpitive trail offers a wide variety of trees. Gators and snakes are a lot less likely on this side of the ranger station but still possible. This is a national wildlife preserve do not be surprised to see wildlife.

Lots of gators, snakes, bugs and birds. Near the ranger station there are plenty of trees, but they play out.

There are many miles that one can run at the reserve. Some trails are paved with crusher run and wide enough for a truck to drive on them (no cars/trucks allowed) and some trail are just grass and dirt. Very flat, very scenic lots of wildlife and mainly alligators. Running on the gravel was ok but the grass was kind of tall (un-cut) and the snakes plentiful! I would recommend staying on the gravel! Very little shade as there are hardly any trees on the trails.

Very flat but worth it if you like gators, bird watching, biking and scenic drives. Went there several times a year over the course of 20+ years. The lower the water the more gators you'll see, as they prefer basking on the banks.