24 days ago

it was great hiked all the trails before this app was even thought of

Not well marked plus there were so many silk worms u r brushing them off every tenth a mile. Not great

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5 months ago

beautiful, I love to climb the rocks, and get as close to the river as possible. there is a great view of an old train trestle. This time of year the fall foliage is just beautiful!

5 months ago

Trails not marked well.

5 months ago

5 months ago

It is OK.

Love this place! I try to go once a week for a run!

One of the longer trails that runs along the river also runs along the edge of a golf course at several points it would seems that the mile markers that they have along the trail are incorrect however there is much wildlife if you walk quietly and also BlackBerries during season all along the trail throughout. In a single outing I saw multiple squirrels, rabbits, 2 deer and several hawks in a single day. Itwas a very enjoyable trip and BlackBerries to boot.

Not as well maintained as we had hoped. Be careful on boardwalks, there is some wood rot. Lots of dragon and damselflies for photography.

Very cool trail system!

Great trail for the whole family!

This is a beautiful place. The signs were well posted and it is well maintained. We took leisurely stroll along the river while taking photos. I loved that part of the trail was recycled tires. Like others have mentioned, the smell was yucky in some areas but not overbearing. I'd go again.

After reading some of the reviews on here I was a little skeptical about going out there. Although I must say I found it to be very nice. It's no hiking trail,it's more of a walking park. The path is paved with mile markers every .25 mile. Was very clean and had an attendant on duty riding around the path. I would recommend this to those looking for a nice place to walk during lunch or after work.