Photos of Paris Mountain State Park Bird Watching Trails

2 days ago

This trail is a vigorous workout for dogs and their owners (I’ve only hiked it clockwise). It’s pretty easy to navigate; I get lost everywhere, and I had no problem completing this loop. You’re hiking up and down on narrow trails. If you have a medium to large dog, it’s impossible to walk past other hikers. Someone has to step to the side to let the others pass. Watch your footing. The trail alternates between soft dirt and clear, to very rocky/rooty (lots of protruding tree roots). If it has rained even a little just before your hike, those rocks and roots will be slippery. Definitely invest in a pair of hiking shoes/boots. This trail is described as child friendly, which it could be for children who are at least 10 or 11. It’s not a trail for toddlers. It’s also supposed to be a bike trail, but due to the terrain in some spots and the narrowness of the trail, I’ve seen bikers struggle. So that you can hear other hikers, runners, and bikers coming up behind you, don’t wear both of your Airpods, if any. Lake Placid is beautiful though and worth the work.

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