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A renovated historic bathhouse serves as the new hub of activities at popular Paris Mountain State Park. Once a rural retreat, the mountainside park now is a treasured green space in the fast-growing Greenville area. Bicyclists, hikers, picnickers and groups using Camp Buckhorn keep the park busy year-round. Summer is peak time for fishing, and swimming, in the park lakes. Paris Mountain State Park was originally built by the Civilian Conservation Corps during the Great Depression in the 1930s. The renovated bathhouse, now called the Park Center, preserves that heritage in stone and timber on the outside and on the inside adds a 3-D map of the park, historical exhibits and a classroom for sessions on the diverse natural offerings of the leafy site.

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Excellent 1hr loop. We started the trail at the opening to the parking area. Glad we did. Roots are bad the first half of trail but then taper off. It was nice finishing along the ridge. Our 4yr old struggled a little bit, but made it through on just a couple of stops.

Did this trail with my daughter today. We both enjoyed it very much. Saw a small Black Rat Snake, a few turtles at the reservoir, and the showstopper!....a piebald Chipmunk! I will post a pic.

Nice peaceful walk through the woods.

The first mile of the trail was stunning and a good workout. I saw wildflowers, the old Greenville reservoir, and several tranquil springs. The last three seemed ideal for trail running or mountain biking but a little dull for hikers. A nice, wide and sandy path through woods for last three miles.

Did this yesterday and it was very satisfying!! Multiple lakes, and you get a taste of about 5 different trails. The lakes were breathtaking.

23 days ago

Challenging but worth it. Some cool rivers and an old dam to see along the way. Relatively strenuous - moderate.

25 days ago

Not much to see but worth it if you start here and hike north up to north lake trail and loop back.