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Fairly used trail. I went during the week and saw more people than expected. The falls are really nice and provide a nice area to hang out and get away from the summer heat.

The waterfall is fantastic and a fairly easy hike. Not much parking if more than 3-4 vehicles.

Great hike and really well marked/groomed. It's not an easy hike, but I wouldn't call it moderate either. It has a few steeper sections, but nothing that is overly challenging. The hike to the falls is approximately 35 mins or so. We did this hike on Thanksgiving Day morning and were pleasantly surprised to see the amount of activity on the trails that morning.

Easy to moderate hike depending on the level of experience. We spent about an hour and a half getting out to the falls, as we moved quickly because we were running short on daylight. The falls are very photogenic, and the trail was well maintained.

Easy to hike. Waterfall at the end is really pretty! We went in the winter and there were a lot of icecicles which made it even prettier. Heads up to hikers bringing their pets there's apparently someone who lives near by that lets their dog roam free and he's taken up shop at the trail head and tags along with hikers. Seems friendly enough but if your dog isn't always dog friendly like ours it could ruin the hike for you.

Great hike! Beautiful falls!

A moderate hike on Christmas day. 4 miles in 3 hours at a leisurely pace and lunch at the waterfall. The trail is well maintained and clearly marked. There are small streams to cross by leap, rock, log or bridge which break up the long walk. Diverse views and an amazing waterfall make it a favorite.

Christmas day hike 2017. Cloudy cool 42°. Nice easy hike.

In late fall, this hike wasn't that visually stunning, but the waterfall makes up for it. So many ledges and drops! It's beautiful and you could take a million pictures from every angle if you are so inclined. I'd call the hike easy, heading to moderate, depending on how quickly you take it.

Awesome waterfall. Good distance hike to it but it’s very easy.

A good easy 2 hour hike there and back. Have to jump the stream in a few places but completely doable. Very beautiful and calming wanted to stay longer but getting close to sundown. Will revisit this one with the kids for sure.

This is by far my favorite hike so far. (I'm a newbee) It is a moderate hike and it does not loop around therefore you will hike back the same way. It could be a little wet and slippery but definitely worth it. You will come across about three small Bridges and maybe three small Rapids to hop over. we took a backpack and enjoyed lunch at the bottom of the rocks on the fall and appreciated the sound of the waterfall and nature. I really enjoyed this hike and recommended to everyone.

Beautiful hike in the fall. It was a bit wet and slippery in places but the trail is well marked and has lots of diversity. I would not call it easy but more moderate but a very nice hike. The waterfall at the end was beautiful and worth the effort. We would do this again.

Nice trail. A little narrow towards the falls end. Forest Service is sometimes a little slow at trail maintenance, bit overall they do a good job. Nice set of falls at the end, and a beautiful place to sit and eat a snack.

2 months ago

Beginner/intermediate level of hiking. Pretty Falls. Heavily trafficked.

Love this walk!! The waterfall is amazing, but maybe not quite as breathtaking as some others in the region. Definitely in the top 5 or 6 in terms of beauty. HOWEVER, the hike in is wonderful! Just did this for the second time in two weeks...because I wanted to go back with other friends.

What make the hike so nice? Variety, lots of variety!! The trail starts and follows a cute stream and goes through a very "rainforest" type of environment. Then you cross a creek a few times (easily), meander along some high slopes, cross some wooden bridges, little uphill, little downhill, some flat sections, pretty mountain views through the trees, some steps, some narrow areas, and at the end - a beautiful waterfall! And lots of rocks to climb on at the base if you're up for it!! And very, very dog-friendly.

Although there is plenty of up and downhill... we never found ourselves out of breath or needing any kind of break.

One of our favorite hikes in the area so far!!

3 months ago

To clear up the confusion about the area near the "end" of the trail:
You'll reach an area with a creek to your right and several signs and diverging trails. In order to continue on to the bend and awesome view of the rapids, don't cross the footbridge on the right, continue forward taking the trail marked with white and green blazing. You'll follow the trail for a bit above the river and eventually start switching back to descend.

3 months ago

Great hike in and hike out. Would consider more of a moderate hike than east but wonderful.

Well kept trail several bridges and at least 4 creek crossings via utilizing rocks to cross. Be mindful of rain as these creeks swell quickly and at least one of these crossings is really fast moving. Speaking from experience. The trail appears moderately traveled and we didn’t come across anything strenuous just enough to get the blood pumping a bit. I would definitely hike it again.

Not super difficult but definitely not stroller accessible. Made it work over half way through then too much. would do this again without babies

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