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Oconee State Park offers the joys of a mountain retreat without the work. The historic park rests deep in the Blue Ridge foothills, with several picturesque but non-demanding hiking trails and well-kept cabins and campgrounds that have welcomed families for annual trips since the days the park was first built by the Civilian Conservation Corps during the Great Depression. The parks fishing lakes offer bass and bream and the woods are full of wildlife, fur and feather alike. Oconee State Park also serves as the southern trailhead for the Foothills Trail, an 80-mile wilderness hike on the dramatic Blue Ridge Escarpment on up to Table Rock. Adjacent to Sumter National Forest, the park also serves as a jumping off point to the nearby Chattooga and Chauga rivers, hotspots for whitewater rafting and trout fishing. For those wanting to take it easy, Oconee State Park is an ideal destination. After all, its mailing address is the town of Mountain Rest.

Love this walk!! The waterfall is amazing, but maybe not quite as breathtaking as some others in the region. Definitely in the top 5 or 6 in terms of beauty. HOWEVER, the hike in is wonderful! Just did this for the second time in two weeks...because I wanted to go back with other friends.

What make the hike so nice? Variety, lots of variety!! The trail starts and follows a cute stream and goes through a very "rainforest" type of environment. Then you cross a creek a few times (easily), meander along some high slopes, cross some wooden bridges, little uphill, little downhill, some flat sections, pretty mountain views through the trees, some steps, some narrow areas, and at the end - a beautiful waterfall! And lots of rocks to climb on at the base if you're up for it!! And very, very dog-friendly.

Although there is plenty of up and downhill... we never found ourselves out of breath or needing any kind of break.

One of our favorite hikes in the area so far!!

To clear up the confusion about the area near the "end" of the trail:
You'll reach an area with a creek to your right and several signs and diverging trails. In order to continue on to the bend and awesome view of the rapids, don't cross the footbridge on the right, continue forward taking the trail marked with white and green blazing. You'll follow the trail for a bit above the river and eventually start switching back to descend.

Fun trail to test your land nav knowledge. I may have seen one blue flag during this entire trail. Would recommend for anyone looking for a slight challenge and great nature

Well kept trail several bridges and at least 4 creek crossings via utilizing rocks to cross. Be mindful of rain as these creeks swell quickly and at least one of these crossings is really fast moving. Speaking from experience. The trail appears moderately traveled and we didn’t come across anything strenuous just enough to get the blood pumping a bit. I would definitely hike it again.

Not super difficult but definitely not stroller accessible. Made it work over half way through then too much. would do this again without babies

Great waterfall and fun hike to get there.

Kid friendly. Well maintained trail. I recommend stopping to talk to the ranger before beginning the trail. There was a black bear and cubs a few months ago at the trail. The ranger said they had been relocated to the area. For your safety-just check in with the ranger. A nice trail and waterfall.

Kid friendly. Beautiful trail. Decent waterfall.

The waterfall is gorgeous and the trail is super easy. You don't have to do the trail around the pond. Drive past the Historic Site on the right and the Falls trailhead has parking on the left.

We hiked this past 9/22 and 9/23 and man is it tough after a hurricane. Tons of trees down that you have to go around and/or over. Many sections A9-A10 trail becomes invisible. Tons of yellow jackets. This is our favorite place to hike and there are men and women cleaning sections of trail as I write. We will be back in Oct with 30 men from church. Thank you to men and women cleaning trail. All volunteer work. Bless you.

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1 month ago

I've been to lots of falls in the region; this is surprising for its height and size! Be prepared to have to take some big steps at spots and watch your feet for roots towards the end. I went with my folks who are 70 and 75 (my Mom with an artificial knee) and they made it just fine. So the trail's as easy as this app describes—the payoff is beautiful.

Nice hike to beautiful waterfall. Took about 35 minutes one way.

well worth the walk. beautiful waterfall