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Oconee State Park offers the joys of a mountain retreat without the work. The historic park rests deep in the Blue Ridge foothills, with several picturesque but non-demanding hiking trails and well-kept cabins and campgrounds that have welcomed families for annual trips since the days the park was first built by the Civilian Conservation Corps during the Great Depression. The parks fishing lakes offer bass and bream and the woods are full of wildlife, fur and feather alike. Oconee State Park also serves as the southern trailhead for the Foothills Trail, an 80-mile wilderness hike on the dramatic Blue Ridge Escarpment on up to Table Rock. Adjacent to Sumter National Forest, the park also serves as a jumping off point to the nearby Chattooga and Chauga rivers, hotspots for whitewater rafting and trout fishing. For those wanting to take it easy, Oconee State Park is an ideal destination. After all, its mailing address is the town of Mountain Rest.

17 hours ago

Wow! So beautiful today even with the rain! The open fields of green stood out with the brown trees. While is was soggy the hike was easy. The parking area is just slightly past the directions on the right. As noted in a previous review the Creek crossings, are marked with a blue tag. Your feet will get wet on the 4 crossings. Luckily today wasn’t a cold day so I survived! The falls were beautiful. The last section of the trail has quite a few downed trees from all of the recent rain and storms. Well worth the hike though.

Beautiful waterfall! Highly recommend!

It was an easy hike to a beautiful waterfall! We took our 7 year old here for his first hike and now he’s extremely excited to do it again! We did go after it rained and the ground was pretty wet.

Fantastic trail. Did an overnighter with my daughter, then 12. Went from Upper Whitewater Falls to Burrell's Ford Rd. Highly recommended.

Beautiful and relatively easy walk across creeks with stepping stones and up n down narrow mountain trails. Soothing sound of babbling brooks and rushing creeks all around in the picturesque final descent to the breathtaking falls. Pack a snack and a towel to sit on one of the many giant rocks at the base of the falls. Please respect the beauty and tranquility of this very special place, as well as the desire of others there to do the same.

13 days ago

As the previous review mentioned there were several trees down and blocking the trail. It was troublesome at times, but the trail was clearly marked the waterfall was plentiful from the rain and it was a beautiful walk through nature.

Beautiful trail and falls! Family friendly.

13 days ago

I attempted this hike in mid-summer but turned back because it was so overgrown that I did not enjoy it. I couldn't even see my feet, and I'm sure my medium sized dog didn't enjoy it, either. I will try again in winter. It is nicely maintained until you leave the state park property.

beautiful hike!

Beautiful hike! Definitely recommend

This trail is a good work out. Lot's of things to see.

17 days ago

The storms and rain have really brought a lot of trees down making the trail hazardous in many areas. This is why I give it a 2. You will have to get off the trail in about 5 spots. From the parking lot, the trail sign says 2.75 miles, so I’m not sure why people say it’s 2.1. It took us 2 hours from the parking lot to the falls. Due to the weather and it getting dark, we hoofed it out in about 1.5 hours.

There’s been a lot of erosion so I’m not too sure about taking little kids. After you get to the Fire tower service road and get back on the trail, it gets very narrow with some steep banks. I’d be concerned about children losing footing and going down an embankment.

It’s an easy hike minus the downed trees. The last 1/2 mile down is a pain to come back up.... but it’s not horrible.

18 days ago

Enjoyed this walk very much! It is true, it is not clearly marked, but common sense will show you the way.

Easy walk! Did it with a 5 year old and 8 year old. Played and had lunch. Took us about 3 hours.

Beautiful waterfall, great hike with kids.

Beautiful trail. the last third of it is a bit more challenging than the first bit, but well worth the hike.

1 month ago

Hiked this December 19, over a week after 6” or so of snow. Got our feet wet crossing 4 streams. We avoided the mud in the fields. At the boulders it was more difficult than previous hikes here, due to multiple fallen trees. The falls are stunning.

This is a nice afternoon walk. I think the views will be much better in the winter after the leaves are on the trees.

1 month ago

Went day after Thanksgiving for a short hike and took our dog. They have had a lot of fallen trees and brush; most which had been cleared, but not all. This trail had very little traffic and with the fallen leaves we had to look for markers, some were missing or far apart. Apart from the part of the trail near Foothills Trail, we were able to let our dog run free. There was no one in site.
The trail is rated easy but there are two or three areas that have some log steps and have at least a 10-12% elevation for over 1200 ft. A moderate rating seems more appropriate. It was a nice, uncrowded, wooded walk. We enjoyed the nice short hike.

Great easy walk into the falls. Kids and I had a great time and the waterfall was awesome!

Fairly easy going trail. Took my 4 month old puppy and he did really well. The falls are ok, not much room for hanging out and enjoying. The trail is very well marked.

Probably the prettiest waterfall I have seen in northern Georgia or western North Carolina.

It was an absolute beautiful hike. My 3 year old daughter and I did it in about 3 hours but we spent a lot of time at the fall itself. Especially after she found a giant frog. It does get a little tough right at the end ( Elora names them the silly stairs.) but, you’re so close to falls it’s well worth the challenge. I only needed up carrying her about 100 feet of the trail. She’s a trooper!

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we didn't make it to the falls, but it was still overall a good hike

Beautiful falls. The trail is well maintained and we really enjoyed that the rangers try to keep the trail as natural as possible while allowing foot traffic. Crossing the streams made the hike more interesting. Please take the time to look around the trail, you will see a number of tiny falls in the creek and a humongous tree. The streams are not deep at the crossings and there are steppingstones. The fall itself is breathtaking, pictures do not show the magnitude or majesty of this beauty!

Great trail! Slight inclines, but nothing too difficult. This was my puppy’s first hike with hopefully more to come.

2 months ago

The directions link took me on a wild goose chase inside of Oconee State Park. We did find a lake but we did not find any specific trail that went around the lake.

The water Wheel has the remnants of stone and that was interesting, however there are absolutely no lake views and the trail in general was a bit boring. There are quite a few blow downs which were a little hard to cross. Note: to use this trail you park at the trail head in side Oconee State Park. There is a five dollar fee per person to get in. A more interesting trail is the Hidden Falls Trail Which goes to the left instead of the immediate right out of the parking lot.

Beautiful trail, some wonderful trail work has been done, thank you to whomever! There has been a lot of rain the last week in the falls were absolutely beautiful!

Really pretty trail. The autumn leaves truly made this hike seem yellow. A few easy stream crossings, I was glad to have a hiking pole though. The waterfall at the end is beautiful. About a 200 foot elevation gain on the way back from the falls. The hike from the falls back to the car took us 35 minutes.

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