First day of winter on a Sunday morning and the trails were empty. Trails had slight inclines but nothing too tough. lots of tree roots and sandy areas so be careful of your footing.

Great if you have horses. Walking with dogs on leash is a must. Sand trails made this walk less enjoyable.

It's a nice, quiet loop with access to disc golf.

I've lived within four miles of this trail since it was established, but only learned of it recently. Hiked it today and loved it! Rolling terrain, sandy trail. it was 90 degrees plus out today, but in the trail forest it was pleasant. Came across butterflies and a couple of tiny tree frogs. Next time I will take my binoculars and have a peek at the marsh at the eastern end of the trail to observe any waterfowl I can see.

10 months ago

Wife and I really enjoyed this one. Very clean and well marked trail.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

I walked this trail two times this week. I am not sure what factory the previous reviewer was referring to because I did not pass one. I checked Google maps also and there is no factory next to this trail. The trail shares the property with a frisbee golf course, which in no way hindered the enjoyment I had walking this trail. I walked alone one time and with my dog the second. It is wooded and the path is sandy with a lot of leaves because of the time of year. There are many roots, which someone has spray painted green, to make the roots more visible. I believe the nearby high school uses this trail for cross country events.
Update: The trailhead is not readily apparent if you don't turn in at the right point. Turn left up the gravel road before the Langley Pond parking lot and go until the road curves to the right. The trailhead is there next to the curve. There is also a trail map as well as a few parking spaces specified for the trail. I recommend you go on the gravel road to the right of the map rather than going through the entranceway to the trail. About a half mile of the trail is on the gravel road and it is better to get that out of the way first in my opinion.

Monday, April 25, 2016

This wasn't the most beautiful Trail, there was a lot of trash pickup that needed to happen and an ugly factory on one part was all you could see...On the other hand after you get past the factory it's a wooded and shady Trail next to a bunch of lily pads which was pretty and enjoyable. Not really stroller friendly but we gave it a go with our two seat jogging stroller.

4 months ago

Thursday, February 09, 2017

Monday, July 04, 2016