A broad river, rich history and rare, hardy wildflowers come together at Landsford Canal State Park. Stretched along the Catawba River along the South Carolina fall line, the park is home to the well-preserved remains of the canal system that made the river commercially navigable from 1820 to 1835. Locks, a mill site and the lockkeepers home are among the numerous intact structures from that era. Out in the river is one of the largest known stands of rocky shoals spider lilies, tough plants that hang tight in the swift water and bloom spectacularly in a huge blanket of white in late May and early June. An easy-to-walk trail along the river leads to a viewing deck. This crossable spot on the river (thats what a ford is, of course) also played a role in the Revolutionary War, as both British and American troops under Cornwallis and Sumter crossed here before and after pivotal battles. Fishing, picnicking, nature watching (including the resident pair of bald eagles) and studying the canal structures and the interpretive signage all are favorite activities at this park in the Piedmont.

Been here several times... easy hike/walk. I will definitely go back again... ❤

My favorite park in the area. I go here often. The trails are well maintained. Nice hike when you just need to get outdoors and clear your mind.

2 months ago

Worth a detour to get there. May try and go back in spring for Lilly bloom. Easy run.

Amazing scenery!!!!!

Wonderful day trip! Fun for all ages.
*Bring water shoes and a backpack.
(if you are willing to get a little wet) ;)

Family friendly, relaxing hike with interesting historical landmarks and views of the river along the way.

Great walk with kids. Little playground and picnic area, nice clean bathrooms, pretty view of the water.

Neat to see the canals, a bonus for the kids.

8 months ago