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I think it is more medium than easy but I really liked it!

Definitely 3-4 miles if you include the trails around the impoundments which you obviously should because it's the best part. Unfortunately one of the dikes is out make it impassable.

Great easy loop trail with lots to see!

Just completed the west section ending at mile marker 22. It's a nice hike with lots of water so the foot bridges are greatly appreciated. Part of the trail is closed right now. There is a detour and it is well marked. I recommend you check out the palmetto trail website for updates on the trail condition before heading out.

Good loop with nice views of birds and other wildlife

mountain biking
2 months ago

Nice area. Good easy trail.

very flat, good for a run, but not a lot of variation in the scenery.

Walked this during a 100 mile section hike of the Palmetto Trail. After coming out of the swamp with the Swamp Fox Passage this was a welcome change. Take the extra spur trail and camp at the Sandy Beach Camp Site, best camping in the 100 miles we completed.

Nice flat trail, went during November after no rain for over 3 weeks so water was hard to come by. the swamp was DRY! Spent 3 days completing the passage. Even though we went in November the mosquitoes were INSANE. Would never do this during the summer, we couldn't stop with out getting attacked as is. Cane Gully dam is the broken looking picture, but it was possible.

Started a section hike of the Palmetto Trail here. Trail is very flat and excellently maintained. They were doing a cross country race when we were there and they had even marked small obstructions in the trail with paint. If you like looking at salt water marshes this is the trail for you.

I still remember this trail very well. There were times that I thought we were walking too close to the snake habitat.

I did this summer before last. It was a nice trip. There were wolves howling at night but we were not able to see any.

scenic driving
7 months ago

A nice drive