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Trail had great sights but we didn't hike on it long. very, very buggy. We couldn't stand still for even a second. We heard a lot of birds but did not have a chance to stop and look for what they were. We only walked up to the split but it was still very cool to see. We basically bathed ourselves in bug spray and still had an issue with the bugs. I would love to go back and hike the full loop when it isn't so buggy. The palms in the swamp we're very cool to see!

mountain biking
1 month ago

Like the previous review, very nice out and back. First time on the bikes for a while and longest on a trail to date. My wife and I rode from Buck Hall CG to the canoe launch and back. Some tough spots but we made it!

Through hiked all 47 miles. Averaging 3 miles a hour. Trail is as flat as flat can be so you can make up ground quickly. Was very very hot around 2-5 pm. Took two days and was terrible the bugs (ticks and mosquitoes) were everywhere. Deer ticks and lone star ticks, so please wear pants! I am talking about going through swarms of mosquitoes. If you are going to do any section of this trail bring DEET 100. I even brought the DEET 30% wipes as well. I was happy to just make it out alive. Thankfully I met some great people along the trail to give me WATER. There was little to no water through the whole trail and what was there was stagnant swamp water. Even with a filter and treating it, it's still very suspect and yellow. The map that you can download from the conservation site is inaccurate and even the ranger station does not have water since it is closed down! So beware! I started with 3 liters and that was enough for one day. Did 30 miles the first day and 17 the next. Campsites are not great and as primitive as it gets only housing a couple of tents max. There are multiple detours around the trail and thus causing you to walk on roads. I give it one star since I did see some wildlife but that's about it. Some sections are completely burned and those actually were the best parts since nothing is there including mosquitoes. Hope this helps someone else before they try this

The beginning and end of this trail was easy. The mid trail was full of roots so it was more challenging than "easy". The path was scenic with great creek views and some elevation along the way. We rode during the dry season in May, so no mud. There would have been mud during wetter weather. You need mosquito spray, or to ride fast, or both. Thank you to the Boy Scouts and others who have improved this trail. It was a pleasure to enjoy your work. Very clean too. I recommend it if you are up for a bit of a rough ride!

I think it is more medium than easy but I really liked it!

Definitely 3-4 miles if you include the trails around the impoundments which you obviously should because it's the best part. Unfortunately one of the dikes is out make it impassable.

Great easy loop trail with lots to see!

Just completed the west section ending at mile marker 22. It's a nice hike with lots of water so the foot bridges are greatly appreciated. Part of the trail is closed right now. There is a detour and it is well marked. I recommend you check out the palmetto trail website for updates on the trail condition before heading out.

Good loop with nice views of birds and other wildlife

mountain biking
5 months ago

Nice area. Good easy trail.