Not bad but also not much to see. Kinda comes with the region down here, but don’t expect much more than a flat walk with a few interesting swampy cypress stands. As others have said, watch out for the dog behind a fence and a nearby interesting mid-1800s gravestone.

walked all of the yellow Trail and part of the Blue Trail. Will definitely be going back to start with the blue Trail first. Once you get past the houses and that one dog :-) things get quiet as they can close to the city and it's a wonderful walk. Pretty sure you could bike this pretty easily as well.


Love this trail. Very easy walk. Love taking the dog out here. Very rarely see other people.

Very easy, low impact hike. A must see on this hike is the bridge that goes out to the lake. In the spring, it was nice seeing the storks flying around. Very pretty.

4.5 miles of comfortable walking--saw female painted. bunting, an alligator in the swamp area, a copperhead snake on the trail (be aware). Great view from the deck at the end point of the red trail. The yellow trail in September has no significant sights, but pleasant walk.

Would of given a 5 star rating if the boardwalk was open.

Saturday, February 04, 2017

Loved this trail. it's boring at first but it gets much better. Not many people at all. It was perfect for us. Awesome trail.

Nice and easy, active birds and some good swamps .

11 months ago

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