6 days ago

I ran my own private mud run on this loop this morning. Ankle deep in some spots but navigable. Didn’t see anyone until passing by the lake where a few people were fishing. Not as much horse scat as expected. Varied elevation but nothing too technical. Lots of shade. Can’t wait to try more trails at this park. I parked at the equestrian arena then jogged the gravel road to the trailhead. Looks like you could drive down that road and park at the barn right by the trail though. The restrooms are immaculate - so clean right now. There’s a spigot by the arena I used to wash my shoes, feet, and legs before heading home.

Nice little river spot on the trail could see it being a nice swimming spot.

Great trail! Me and my buddy’s like it!

24 days ago

Great little trail. Good location at the river to hang a hammock and enjoy the view. Only bad thing was the bridge had washed out. There was a sign at the beginning of the trail that said the bridge washed out. Kid had fun playing in the water.

I had a great time on this trail. It’s wide for the most part except for the back side that runs along the creek. Saw several deer.

bridge out
3 months ago

4 months ago

easy, scenic , beginning of PALMETTO TRAIL-CROFT PASSAGE


Loved this trail! Beautiful views of the river on the Southside Loop. I can’t wait to come back with my bike. The trail ended up being 7.5 miles instead of 8.5.

5 months ago

This trail takes you out to walk along a highway for a bit.

6 months ago

Very easy.

Awesome trail. It's a shared trail for hikers/mountain biking. It's a nice peaceful trail that follows along a decent sized creek for a long while. I stopped on the creek to read some an was never bothered. Many elevation changes which in my opinion makes a trail great. Well maintained an beautiful all around. Recommended by me!

Ran this trail hoping to get in a good 9 mile run. Overall the whole loop was about 10.5 miles. Was very impressed it was well marked, not overgrown, and in good condition. Some of the connecting trails I have been on aren’t as well marked as this one. Lots of good varying elevation but it’s not overkill. I ran from 8am-10:30am and didn’t see anyone else on the trail. Can’t wait for my next run here.

8 months ago

Trail was in great shape. All the kids played in the river and then we finished the hike up. Great day.

I would recommend going left on the trail. Easier to walk down the stairs then up. Found a way down to the water. Water was low so we were able to sit on the rocks and listen to the water. We parked where the horse stables are and walked to the trail.

Good for dogs to swim in the river!

I loved it. Wasn’t too bad took at about 4hours at a leisurely pace. My dog enjoyed it too. Tons of deer especially near the trailhead.

Great trail but the one on AllTrails is not Southside Loop. This is just a bunch of trails put together. Southside Trail is marked though.

10 months ago

Not a bad trail. Several worn areas where the horses had ridden through.

This combines bits of the Foster Mill Loop, Beech Trail, and Lake Johnson Trail. The portion on Lake Craig is unofficial but established, though there are a few spots over creeks and wet area that are a little tricky. I thoroughly enjoyed this loop, as it combines one main climb in the park on the Beech Trail with a bit more distance of Fosters Mill, and a few miles of lakeside trail by both Lake Craig and Lake Johnson. A new favorite.

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10 months ago

Great trail a lot of uphill though but it is very pretty

Good hike. Didn’t go too far, it was hot and muggy. A couple of us just weren’t “feeling it”. And we’re looking forward to hanging out in the water. Don’t use the map to look for this trail off the gravel road, walk down Palmetto trail and pick it up there. The graveyard was an unexpected treat.

horseback riding
Mon Apr 29 2019

Good trail for horses. Not too rocky or steep. Very pleasant.

mountain biking
Tue Apr 02 2019

GREAT RIDE!!! Was a beautiful day to ride!! Nice trail for beginners like me. Will be back for sure!!

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