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We just 3 miles into the trail and back. Nice trail. Well marked. We were pleasantly surprised with a picnic table at 2.9 Miles in.

2 months ago

Very well signed trail. A little muddy in spots on the day we chose to go, but other than that we enjoyed it.

3 months ago

Croft state park is a really nice place for last minute hiking trips. Foster Mill Loop is good for trail runners it's rated as moderate but I think it should be dragged down to easy. No good views at all until you get to the side of the lake early in the morning at sunrise or late afternoon at sunset.

Be mindful the map at the park says the trail is around 9.6 miles. A little longer, but still a nice hike. Lots of shade and mostly flat ground.

trail running
4 months ago

It was a very difficult trail for running. There are roots, Stones and horse apples :-) on the trail. I´ve seen some roe and deers. This trail is nothing for People without Training/ practise. It was very funny to run this trail.

It says 1.5 miles, however we do 1.5 a good bit and this felt longer our Fitbit agreed and said it was over 2 miles. Very shady though. Some parts really worked my dogs.

This was a good hike. It had some hills in it, and some spots were worn (would be muddy after rain) from horses. The trail was well-marked; however, make sure that if you want to do this loop via Whitestone Spring, that you take UPPER Rocky Ridge rather than LOWER where they split! The spring was cool (in both ways ;) and right near it, the creek runs through a sluice between rocks, making wonderful sounds. There's not an "official" state park entrance on Whitestone Road; look for the PVC-covered chain gate just north of Cowford Bridge Rd.

Good family hike. This loop is hiking only so no bikes or horses.

6 months ago

Great trail. Close to home and pretty easy. The whole loop is actually 9.6 miles if you stay on the designated "Southside Loop Trail". AllTrails tells you to right (if you're walking it clockwise) in the far right hand corner but the trail actually lead around to Foster Mill Road I believe. You will be on it for a very short portion but that had me thinking I was lost for a little while lol

its a nice park, but cant go on some of the longer trails without stepping in horse shit

Great little trail. The sections by the water are rewarding. Our dogs enjoy the trail as well! Keep your eyes open for deer...

8 months ago

The area down by the river really makes this a great short hike with the kids. They played in the water and had a blast even finding the geocache placed in the area. Lots of fun, my only regret would be to bring a packed lunch.

Great hike with the kids. There is ruins of an old mill foundation and some signs giving history along the trail. Great hike with an option to check out the river at some specific points. Lots of fun.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

This track adds some to the existing trail on Alltrails, We followed the trail markers carefully, the trail is very well marked with the exception of one the longer hills.There was a descent variety of trail, but nothing hard. We did catch a glimpse of a deer we startled as we hiked. A very short portion of the trail in on Foster Mill Circle (gravel road).

Great trail, good trail to find some running cedar which is used as Christmas decorations, there are a couple of creek crossings on fallen trees, test your balance. There is a lower Rocky Ridge trail, unfortunately it is currently closed due some repair work needed on a bridge.

Friday, December 09, 2016

Good moderate trail with a few steep climbs. Enjoyable hike.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Nice trail, you have to share the trail with mountain bikers. It is very flat along the river and a little hilly on the ridge. Overall a great hike.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Great trail if you don't mind getting a little dirty. Not very busy, which I love!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Good trail, some information or history of cemetery would have been interesting.

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