Very easy, took my dog on the trail but it is very narrow and there are a bunch of bike riders who own the trail.

1 month ago

Very very very easy. We owned the trail the first hour. We would have had it to ourselves if we got their earlier. We started at 9:20 a.m. we stopped a few times to take in the views. We did the 4.9 mile Dam, Lawrence, Colorbone Trail. Takes about two hours. The last hour was inundated with mountain bikers.

I’ll adjust my rating if we ever actually find this Trail and it turns out to be as nice as they say. We followed the road directions, and parked outside (limited parking!!) the gate (which is locked from Nov-April) and walked in. The road forks and there is a sign that points R to the dam and rec area. No sign about anything to L (which the gal back in town told me later was in fact the way to wildcat falls). After wandering aimlessly being able to find No other signs, trail markers or directions, we assumed the rec area was it and gave up.

nice walk in quiet area.

3 months ago

Nice up and down. Some spots are narrow with lots of roots and rocks. Easy to see it’s rated moderate.

tuff. but I loved it!

nice hike on a lake.

Amazing, you can walk at your own pace without pressure. There are more activities to explore. I highly recommend the trail .

Beautiful trail with a few easy water crossings. We followed white blazes as well as the all trails map. Our dog loved playing in the rapids

Me and my kids hiked the hole thing. We loved its lake view, deer, and easy walking.

Great trail, but we got 1.5m in and ran into two huge black bears. looked like they were headed for the water. We turned around and walked back! Maybe we'll hit it some other time.

Very nice hike! I've hiked around the lake more times than I can count, and this was a nice surprise. The area by the river is beautiful and a great place to stop for a break or lunch. Most of the trail is an old logging road, so I'd say this is more in the easy range.

Easy to find and a short hike from the parking area. I then continued on the logging road, which you take to the falls, and took the Rapids trail. This brought me to another area on the river. I would recommend the hike. It was peaceful and a great area to photograph and spend sometime near water and nature.

It was a very nice hike. A little confusing as far as directions go. Also people need to make their dogs poop off of the trail. Otherwise it was beautiful!

This is a great area to get out and spend some time just walking through the woods. The trails are easily distinguishable although the markings are somewhat difficult at times to keep track of. The only reason we didn't give it a five star rating is because when we got back to the parking lot somebody had attempted to break into our vehicle. They didn't make it in but it still kind of spoiled the day because now we have to have some vehicle repairs done to the door locks. We hadn't left anything of any value in our vehicle so that was no problem there.

This is a very moderate flowing trail that can be challenging with the protruding roots. Alot of fun the lake trail is the most enjoyable and scenic!! The inly downside is if its your first time the trail markings are confusing.

10 months ago

This is a great trail for getting out in the woods. Not too tough as far as elevation goes but the mileage provides for a great morning or afternoon hike. Bikers were very polite and yielded to me being on foot. Didn't see any horses but there was some prints here and there. Nice spots along the lake to hang a hammock.

mountain biking
10 months ago

Kicking my butt . .
but I'll be back!!

It was amazing out there.

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