2 days ago

$2 entrance fee per car. We hiked all of the trails across the suspension bridge and it totaled right around 2 miles. Many of the trails become impassable in spots due to fallen trees. There are about 4 trails, most follow the river which makes swimming easy.

4 months ago

Has three trails but no clear definition of which is easier. beautiful waterfalls and very tranquil.
Loved crossing suspension bridge for trail access.

5 months ago

Not to hard can see falls from parking lot

There are 4 trails, two outer loops of about thw same length (blue= upstream, orange=downstream) and the center trails (double red and cabin trail). Cabin trail is short and takes you to the summit, definitely worth the time. All are good family trails, though the elevation near the middle of the loops was almost too much for our 4 year old. Great spots for wading in the Chauga and picnics on rocks.

11 months ago

Great hike for a family. You can chose short or long hike. Wade in the water or swim. Dogs are allowed off leash near the water. Love the bridge.

Warning: the longer hikes become very steep with drop offs, some tight paths with overgrowth.

Waterfall is very accessible.

$2 fee per car

Great hidden gem in SC.

Sunday, October 16, 2016