Have always loved this place since I was little! A little escape to always free my mind and beautiful scenery, historic sites & the wildlife is amazing!! Riding bikes down the trails or walking/running with my dog is always the best! Never crowded!

My 4 year old loves the animal forest!

Paved trails through the first European settlement in Charleston. We started at the visitor center, and went thru the history museum. We then purchased the audio guide, and followed the trail to all the historic sites- the old settlement, the Indian ceremonial grounds, the replica sailing ship, and through the grounds of the Legare-Waring plantation home with its majestic oak alley. We also walked the entire animal forest, and went on one of the nature trails running along the marsh. Beautiful day, not too crowded since we went early. We walked 4 miles total- it was great! Definitely will go back. There is an admission charge, but it is well worth the price.

This is a beautiful park with a lot of history--Indians, early settlers, slavery, etc. The springtime blossoms were awesome and the native animal presentation was wonderful. The only drawback is it was very crowded on a early spring Saturday.

Awesome walking all around the park, great natural areas, beautiful grand oaks, exciting animal forest. This is the Charleston settlement in 1670.