Our Mission: The refuge was established on March 17, 1939, under the authority of the 1933 National Industrial Recovery Act and the Emergency Relief Appropriations of 1935. The Federal Government purchased land from willing sellers through the Resettlement Administration. The badly eroded land supported few populations of wildlife species; initial conservation efforts focused on restoring the barren land. Today, the refuge is managed to restore the longleaf pine/wiregrass ecosystem. The Carolina Sandhills National Wildlife Refuge is one of the Southeast

16 days ago

Tate's trail offers the opportunity to hike in a unique habitat, the longleaf pine forest. Here you will see a number of rare plant species, and wildlife. Halfway down the trail is a number of dead longleaf pines, home to a number of RCW's (red cockaded woodpeckers). The trail also offers some great views of the adjacent ponds. Elevation is varied, and footing is hardpacked/sandy.

This hike can be done out and back, or one way if you have an additional vehicle. The second vehicle should park at the bottom of the dirt road next to "lake Number 12". You'll see the turn off for this parking area immediately east of SR 145 on Refuge Visitor's Drive.

6 months ago