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Caesars Head State Park has long been a must-see in the South Carolina Upstate. A granitic gneiss outcropping atop the dramatic Blue Ridge Escarpment, it offers breathtaking views year-round, especially when fall sets the hardwoods ablaze. Another annual highlight is the Hawk Watch program each fall, timed to allow visitors to marvel at the unforgettable sight of hundreds of soaring, swirling migrating raptors hawks, kites, falcons, eagles and more from the park visitors own perch at 3,200 feet above sea level. Hiking trails ranging from easy to challenging circle and traverse Caesars Head and adjoining Jones Gap state parks, which together form the Mountain Bridge Wilderness, about 11,000 acres of pristine southern mountain forest. One of the most popular trails at Caesars Head leads to 420-foot Raven Cliff Falls, where a suspension bridge offers one of the two publicly accessible overlooks to the falls as they splash deep into the mountain cove below. Picnicking and wilderness trailside camping also are highlights. The park, easily accessible with its headquarters on U.S. 276 just shy of the state line, also leads to some prime trout fishing areas in the state-designated scenic Middle Saluda River.

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6 days ago

Ran the full trail using Gun Gap to make a 9.8 mile loop. There were a couple gaps in the blazes that took some hunting. Also once you start heading uphill towards the falls the trail is overgrown and a few trees down. Overall still was a great hike/run. Check out the cable bridge that leads to the girl scout camp.

nice trail, dense fog when I went. so cannot comment on views. But the river and suspension bridge, were the highlights. I went clockwise, like others commented. But I think counter clockwise would have been better. Trail was well marked. I mileged it at 8.9. The loop is 7.1, but it is about a mile to get to that point. Will definitely hike it again.

Great for a short hike!

So beautiful! I absolutely looove this trail and all of its beauty and wonder. Such an interesting trail that follows the Saluda river.

Nice hike, great views, well maintained trail, the covered viewing area was in great shape. Huge waterfall, sadly very far away. Another hike will take you across the waterfall.

This time of year (early February) the trail has very nice views South, in the direction of Greenville. The trail condition is excellent. I’ll definitely hike this area again.

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19 days ago

Great hike. Ice in a few parts that is tough to cross, but manageable (had poles to use for extra balance and grip). Really enjoyed being out there. Hiked clockwise which seems like the way to go. Happy hiking!

We had a blast on this trail today! It was a good quick hike. The trail is very interesting and different throughout. We took our toddler on our back, and our dog. It was a popular trail, which isn't my preference, but everyone is so friendly. Can't wait to do the loop (without child and pup)!

Beautiful and dramatic hike but very difficult because it is very steep and rugged.

Great day for a hike weather was in the 30s to 40s We did the hike today but did an in and out to the suspension bridge over the Fall by going on the Raven Cliff falls trail Then right on the Gum Gap Trail taking us to the Naturaland Trust Trail down to the Suspension Bridge. On the way back we did go to the lookout on Raven Cliff Trail which made it an 8 mile hike. Going this way kept us off the Dismal trail.

over grown
22 days ago

Took us 4 hours total. It was bit overgrown but easy to follow the trail blazes. Big scary overlook gave me the heebyjeebiez. Make sure you wear waterproof shoes if its been raining recently, a lot of the trail was on trickling water.

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27 days ago

**NOT recommended for kids, dogs or those with susceptible disposition. Prior permission is required to hike this trail from Asbury Hills as the trailhead is on their property. ** Also, there is a cable bridge you must cross right at 1.5 miles into the hike. This was a first for me. A cable bridge is literally two cables, one under your feet, one above your head and you have to shuffle across very gingerly. We crossed the cable bridge right after a big rainfall so this was a bit sketchy feeling. The trail from the trailhead to the cable crossing was nice, well worn and well marked. We planned to hike to Raven Cliff Falls then back to Moonshine and Confusion Falls. After the cable bridge crossing up to Naturaland Trust Trail was rough. You are essentially hiking in a wash-out most of the way which is rocky, rooty, and not flat in the least. We had to bush-whack, rock scramble, detour around creeks running through the trail, dense overgrowth, blowdowns, lost trail markers, and crazy creek crossings. We didn't anticipate so much time and exertion wasted on just getting through the trail so by the time we reached the Naturaland Trust bridge, we opted to turn around. We were tired and had poorly judged the time required getting to that point. We skipped Moonshine and Confusion and will visit them another day. Not sure I would do this trail again from Asbury to Raven Cliff and would be hesitant to recommend it to just anyone. The trail had beautiful river views, a few nice mountain views could be snuck in here and there. I enjoyed the hike but would come with a saw and maybe shoes with better ankle support if I ever return to that section. Overall, i don't regret going because any day in the woods is better than sitting on the couch.

I usually do this loop with the Dismal climb at the end. I take my 45lb dog and he loves it. Yes, I have to help him up and down the ladders, but it’s worth it to have him with me. We’ve never had any major trouble. It’s a great workout with a variety of scenery, suspension bridge, & plenty of technical aspects to keep it interesting. Don’t forget to take the spur on Raven Cliff trail to the overlook at the end. It’s cool to see where you just were.

1 month ago

Wow! We parked at the lot for Raven Cliff Falls as we intended on doing that hike. It was a busy day so we took a less populated trail instead. We consulted the park map and decided on Cold Spring Branch trail (orange blazes) to Bill Kimball trail (pink blazes). Cold Spring was beautiful - hilly in spots but filled with a gorgeous stream and mini waterfalls, along with huge Rhodedendrums (I think?). We had a tough time crossing the creek a few times as the trail crossed it but it was very fast and full. The Bill Kimball trail is ROUGH if you come at it uphill. We had our Golen Retriever with us and at a few spots my husband had to use his harness to lift him onto the rocks we were climbing on and traversing. Very cool rock face and an amazing trail overall. But lets just say you will definitely have earned your pizza and beer at the end of the day :)!

This was an excellent hike! Strenuous in some areas with some very rewarding pic and scenery opportunities. Considerstion for trail use: check forecast for rain or snow. In some areas potential for slipping and washouts are high.

A small group of us completed this trail today with our dogs. It’s definitely a dog friendly trail as we crossed paths with many other dogs on the trail. The condition of the trail was great— some muddy patches but it’s to be expected after a whole day of rain the day before. I would say the rating of the trail should be closer to the easier side than moderate. The observation deck was clean and gave way to a great view of the waterfall. It’s not a close view but very picturesque.

Great hike for even a beginner! It was peaceful and saw deer run out in front of us on the trail. Stunning views at the overlook!

For the people who hiked it in the last week, is it muddy from all the rain?

Hiked this counter clockwise with the trail to rainbow falls. Couple places where you could get off trail. Very technical coming back. Several roots, rocks and latters that made for slow miles. Very adventurous.

By far one of my all time favorite trails. The diversity you get on this hike is amazing. Whether you choose left or right to take the loop, you’re going to get a workout/be challenged. There are waterfall views, mountainside views, a suspension bridge, ladders and creek crossings. By the time I got to the end of my hike (the Dismal trail) I was definitely beat and the mountain seemed to go on forever but it was so worth it. I went late November .... most of the leaves were gone but the ones left made for some beautiful scenery and lighting as the sun goes down a lot earlier in the late fall/winter. A must do trail hike with plenty of challenge. Very well marked trail heads and a trail guide/map at each intersection or beginning of the next trail to avoid getting lost or confused.

Fun hike. Rim of the gap trail gets a bit technical in parts. Trail is very well blazed but its important to pay close attention while on Rim Of The Gap (yellow), some parts are a bit iffy but I always found a blaze within 50 feet of questionable areas. All and all great trail. Would recommend to any experienced hiker.

The Raven Falls loop is excellent. We took the advice from the previous reviews and hiked it clockwise. What great advice! It allows you to have the hardest hike behind you when you reach the suspension bridge. After the bridge you end up taking Gum Gap which is an easy trail to recover on. Total distance from the trailhead and back was 7.5 miles and took us 3 hrs with stopping and taking lots of pictures.
Overall, this was a wonderful hike. However, this loop should only be hiked by folks in reasonably good shape or you will not enjoy yourself at all.
There were three or four ladders that would present a challenge for large dogs. All but one is fairly short and would allow easy portage of your pet.

Solid hike. Wear good boots with good ankle support in the fall and when it’s damp, because there are numerous roots, holes, and rocks hidden under the leaves. Some parts of the trail can be technical, I wouldn’t advise bringing a dog.

Don't take a dog that you can't get up a ladder. But this is a great hike.

This trail is definitely strenuous and NOT dog friendly. Badass trail, though. It took me 4.5 hours and I was exhausted by the end.

Our gps said 10.4 . Technically very difficult. Would not go again after any recent rain. The approx 8 waterfall crossings where very dangerous with the steep drop offs and rushing deep water, made my us nervous. Beautiful hike that is fairly well demarcated and we saw no one else on the trail.

Great trail. Rocky in places but good family fun. Waterfalls are beautiful.

Great place. Beautiful! Take the family

3 months ago

Decent hike! Far away view from the falls, but nice overlook spot to picnic

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