Photos of Caesars Head State Park Birding Trails

Wow! We parked at the lot for Raven Cliff Falls as we intended on doing that hike. It was a busy day so we took a less populated trail instead. We consulted the park map and decided on Cold Spring Branch trail (orange blazes) to Bill Kimball trail (pink blazes). Cold Spring was beautiful - hilly in spots but filled with a gorgeous stream and mini waterfalls, along with huge Rhodedendrums (I think?). We had a tough time crossing the creek a few times as the trail crossed it but it was very fast and full. The Bill Kimball trail is ROUGH if you come at it uphill. We had our Golen Retriever with us and at a few spots my husband had to use his harness to lift him onto the rocks we were climbing on and traversing. Very cool rock face and an amazing trail overall. But lets just say you will definitely have earned your pizza and beer at the end of the day :)!