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Definitely a strenuous trail, as there are plenty of areas you’ll need to climb up rocks and roots on steep hills. Mostly uphill with a few areas where it evens out. But it’s worth it when you reach the beautiful waterfall. Plenty of rocks to sit and relax, and enjoy the view and cool mist of the falls before you trek back down. Would not recommend for small children (it could be dangerous in a few places). Took us 2 hours (both ways).

Not too good of hiking shape as of yet, this one got me a few times. Up hill most of the way to the waterfall. The payoff was well worth this short whooping. Felt like an ac outdoor room.

Absolutely amazing hike! A couple weeks ago my fiance and I hiked naturaland trust/gum gap/raven cliff falls trails then up the road to the main parking lot for GPS said 10.6 miles! Couldn't recommend more! We did it during a real bad thunderstorm and stayed dry under a rock outcrop for about 20 mins. The Cathedral was amazing and so many small waterfalls and of course the suspension bridge over a roaring Raven Cliff Falls!

One of the best waterfalls in the upstate in my opinion. It’s a little strenuous to get to because you’re at a steep incline and basically climbing but it’s worth it. It took our group a little under an hour to reach the falls and that’s with taking two short breaks. There are two different paths you can take right at the end to get two different views. Only downfall for me was that there was not really a landing to sit down and have lunch or just hangout and also no where for my dog to enjoy the water lol but she still got a good workout in for the day. Will return.

I'm not buying the 7.1 distance, I am buying at least the 2100 feet in elevation change. We have what we did at nearly 12 miles. Plenty of chances to get in the water and to get different vantage points of the falls. we went down Dismal, then back up. Dismal had more switchbacks, some bouldering and three ladders and a ledge on the way back up to the payoff....a suspension bridge over the tallest waterfall in South Carolina. Challenging enough, not for a beginner or little one. Love it.

Great trail! Well maintained and easy to follow, compared to others I have been on. Cool diversions (falls, bridges, cliffs, ladders). I hiked today with my daughter. We were sweating, but it was worth the work. I now own an "I survived Dismal Loop" tee!!

Definitely a hard trail, I would not underestimate it. Bring trekking poles if you have them. Worth every mile. Absolutely gorgeous and breathtaking. Will always come back here

When they say this trail is Hard what they should really say is this trail is pretty damn strenuous. I read the reviews and was like oh people say it’s hard but complete the loop in 4 hours, that sounds doable. What I failed to consider is that the people writing these reviews likely hike quite often and are in much much better shape than myself. My husband and I did this trail this past weekend and I got my butt sufficiently kicked. Total time for the loop was 6and half hours, and it isn’t 7 miles it’s more like 8.5 miles. This loop is NOT kid friendly, is NOT limited mobility friendly, and seriously difficult if you are overweight.

Raven cliff is easy peasy, wide pathways, large portions of it gravel, gum gap is easy as well. The dismal and naturalland trust are really difficult. The climbs and descents are pretty steep, the trails are very narrow a great deal of the time where the edge is literally a drop off that I have no doubt if I had fallen I would have seriously injured myself. I had to crawl a few times to get under fallen trees and up the trail. While it is marked it is pretty easy to get lost on the natauralland trail. It is so steep in some places that all the climbs up/down look like they could be part of the trail. There are 2 creek crossings which are super easy and small, some up and down ladders as well. The views are pretty but I was so exhausted by time we made it to the bridge all I could think was I did that for this? I highly suggest doing raven cliff to dismal to natauralland way. I can’t imagine going the other way and having to go up dismal 4 miles into the hike.

It’s pretty and when I started I was full of hope and wonder. When i finished I was proud of myself for completing it and proving to myself that I could.

Awesome trail! Very well marked and easy to follow. Makes for a burly trail run!

4 or 5 visits and I still discover something new. some storm damage, trees etc.. same for side trails. ( sure feels longer than it is. )

Did this trail yesterday with my dog. We did the loop counterclockwise (starting with Dismal). It was a serious hike on the first really hot day of the year. There are 2 up ladders and 1 down ladder the direction we went. We didn’t get a good view of the falls up close but did find some nice cool water to play in along the way. It took us 4hrs round trip including our stops. Definitely recommend.

An interesting lollipop. Lots of wild flowers. We also had a problem with the unmarked switchback (I think the trail went that way at one time, since I saw a chain by the side of the trail); I piled some downed branches on the incorrect path.

1 month ago

A bit grueling if you don't have proper footwear. A lot of rocks and stumps and it's all uphill. The hike itself is not that scenic but once you get to the waterfall it's worth the hike.

Ohmigosh! This hike was strenuous and the falls were gorgeous! At the trailhead, it states that it takes about 2 hours each way but we completed it in just over an hour each way (and we took several stops because we were so winded). We packed a nice lunch had had the best little picnic on the middle part of the falls. I will definitely do this again! I would not recommend this for young kids or kids that complain a lot. It was UPHILL most of the way up with an elevation gain of around 1000 feet! Well worth the hike. Pictures don’t do it any justice!

such a beautiful trail! so many cool spots to see. would definitely recommend going. probably one of the prettiest hikes I’ve been on.

Absolutely stunning waterfall to look forward to at the end! Very strenuous hike, however. Completely uphill, with tons of rocks and roots to watch for. Entirely worth the work to see the falls, though! :)

It's tough. ... ps. Don't fall over the chain. it's a long long way down.

2 months ago

First time hiking this trail. I did get lost on Natureland Trust. It looked as if there had been a lot of rain previously where trees and rocks were washed down on the trail in some spots; however, I did find an amazing view of the waterfall. Be careful on Natureland Trust Trail-easy to loose markers in spots. Fantastic group of trails-especially Natureland Trust. Definitely NOT for children. You will need hiking boots. From advice here, I took the strenuous paths first and do recommend that! I did #11 to #12, #14, #13, back to #11 and parking. With my off the trail excursion, around 9 miles and it took me around 4 hours. Will do this hike again!

2 months ago

A bit too much for younger children. The falls is beautiful and worth the hike.

Just did this hike and really enjoyed it. A surprisingly busy area. My GPS had it at 9.3 so something is going on there, I wonder if parts of the trail have been re-routed, especially on the down side of Dismal Trail. Certainly some rough spots and the climb up the valley on Natureland can be tough. The only reason I rated this 4 instead of 5 was that I never found a way to get close to the falls, other than going over the top on the suspension bridge.

First time doing this trail. Completed the Raven Cliffs Falls, then decided to go down the purple/pink trail. It was hard! Before you embark on the trail, do make sure you have food and water as the sign says. However, I completed (looped around the bleu trail and then back on the red trail/raven cliff falls) the whole trek at 8.28 miles in a little over 4 hrs (including getting lost a few times) according to my gps. But I went without taking breaks and fueled up as I progressed.
Views were okay . The bridge was okay. Not my favorite hike but definitely a good workout! Raven cliff falls and the bleu trail would be good for running so I will probably do those again in the future.

Awesome trail, but it somehow turned into an eleven mile trek. Take lots of water, some food and be sure to leave in enough time to get back before dark.

gorgeous hike and falls, but when they say strenuous they aren't kidding around.

trail says about 8 miles but my GPS had us over 11. take on dismal trail by coming from raven cliff falls trail. that sends you down the hard way first and the end will be easy, me and my fiancee went backwards unknowingly and it was rough. definetly the most difficult trail I've hiked. but it's very rewarding.

This trail was a butt kicker! But absolutely worth it! 7.5 miles total, crazy terrain, pretty views and a workout!

Very steep and difficult about halfway into the trail but worth it! Falls were absolutely beautiful. Great place to swim

this trail is awesome. good views. good challenge. totally worth it rain or shine, heat or cold. :)

Definitely understand-estimated this trail. I brought ppl with me that usually don’t hike (son & husband). I told them since y’all don’t hike we will go on a short trail. Haha jokes on me this trail made me look like a hmmm...You start out uphill and it continues that way. I can’t tell how many times I stopped or wanted to turn back. BUT I couldn’t quit! I knew it would be worth it when we reached the top and of course it was!! The falls were so beautiful and refreshing!!! Coming down was much easier for sure. I will definitely try it again soon.

We walked the raven cliff falls trail(#11) to the Gum Gap/Foothill trail(#13) to the Naturaland Trust Trail(#14) up the Dismal trail(#12) back up the raven cliff falls. It was cold raining and sleeting. Awesome trail. So much to see and not a very difficult trail. Walking up the dismal however is a challenge. Don’t go up that trail if you aren’t in shape or not up for a pretty good challenge. You can always go down that and up around the opposite way we went. All in all a fantastic hike and a really fun time. We did a little extra hiking and did right at 10 miles in about 4 and 1/2 hours. Good challenge. Fun trip

Hiked it this morning for the first time. The recent rain made some parts a little more challenging. Over all the loop starts off easy and then gets very hard once you get on Naturaland and Dismal. Early morning fog made for some great views from the trail as well as the near by overlook at the park office.

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