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Caesars Head State Park has long been a must-see in the South Carolina Upstate. A granitic gneiss outcropping atop the dramatic Blue Ridge Escarpment, it offers breathtaking views year-round, especially when fall sets the hardwoods ablaze. Another annual highlight is the Hawk Watch program each fall, timed to allow visitors to marvel at the unforgettable sight of hundreds of soaring, swirling migrating raptors hawks, kites, falcons, eagles and more from the park visitors own perch at 3,200 feet above sea level. Hiking trails ranging from easy to challenging circle and traverse Caesars Head and adjoining Jones Gap state parks, which together form the Mountain Bridge Wilderness, about 11,000 acres of pristine southern mountain forest. One of the most popular trails at Caesars Head leads to 420-foot Raven Cliff Falls, where a suspension bridge offers one of the two publicly accessible overlooks to the falls as they splash deep into the mountain cove below. Picnicking and wilderness trailside camping also are highlights. The park, easily accessible with its headquarters on U.S. 276 just shy of the state line, also leads to some prime trout fishing areas in the state-designated scenic Middle Saluda River.

This is definitely a hikers hike, as previously mentioned. It was very challenging and a great climb (starting with pinnacle pass and going to rim of the gap), but the reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is because there was literally not one rewarding overlook or view. Yes, when you get to the highest point of elevation, you can kind of see through the trees, and it's a nice view, but there are definitely no 'holy shit' moments where you're thinking 'this was worth every bit of difficulty' ... then again, I have high expectations for hikes that are this hard. Overall, I would definitely hike this again, but solely for the difficulty, probably try out the whole pinnacle pass trail next time instead of taking the connector back to rim of the gap. This park is amazingly beautiful, and the trail map is worth the buy. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a challenge, but just know there won't be any overlooks from the top.

Great trail however NOT an easy trail as rated in Alltrails. This is at best a moderate difficulty. Got caught with small kids on this one as the beginning is very easy but progressively gets more difficult as the trail goes on. There is a fork about half way through the loop section and it is not very well marked. One would think to go with the wider path that seemed more well traveled but just so happened another hiker came from the less traveled trail and instructed us where to go. Wish I could be more help on this note. Overall it was fun but the hiking difficulty level really hit the young kids hard on this one. Treat as a moderate difficulty at best!

This is my 3rd time doing this, yea the hike is a bit rough, but do able and well worth seeing the falls, basically 2 falls in 1.!! Top and bottom..Love it♥️

It is a hard hike up to the falls but welll worth it.

10 days ago

Nice, easy trail but the view to the waterfall from the platform is obstructed by trees. We met the park ranger on our way out and he said a work order was placed to trim the trees near the lookout. Next time we will try the Ravens Cliff Dismal Naturaland Loop to get a better look of the falls. It's a longer, strenuous hike. That trail head splits off to the left shortly before you reach the viewing platform for this trail.

11 days ago

I gave this trail three stars because it's well maintained but it really has no views. This is a connector trail.

Easy trail but no real view at the lookout. Trees need to be cut down so you can see the waterfall better. Or go in the winter, maybe.

We did only part of this trail from Gum Gap to the bridge. It is more moderate on this stretch. We had no problems staying on the trail but someone had put an arrow made of branches pointing the way to the bridge. If we had not asked someone before seeing this, we would have stayed on the Gum Gap trail and not found the bridge. The bridge was a lot smaller, lengthwise, than we thought.

11 days ago

It was a Challenge, but it was worth it.

Fun day hike with my dog. Lots of great views if you are willing to leave marked trails. Bring water! And remember the way back is all uphill!