13 days ago

This trail deserves five stars, let's be long as you don't turn left to go up to Vaughns Gap. The parking lot is easy to access. Trail access is simple, just walk through the gate and head down the road and you are well on your way. The ponds are stunning, we were just there as the leaves were trying to turn. Saw some beaver sign as well as other wildlife. Chose to stay as the sunset at the first lake for dinner and watched some Canadian Geese fly in. However.........prior to the beautiful sunset and dinner we did backpack to Vaughns Gap. I don't recommend this unless you have the following: Good boots, strong thighs (for squats under trees), great lungs (for inclines) and a chainsaw. There is still ALOT of deadfall as mentioned in prior reviews; some is too low to go under but too high to go over (squats come in handy here), some are slippery (good boots here) and some are just in the dang way (insert chainsaw). There really is nothing to see at Vaughns Gap, it is just a gap, in the woods, covered with trees. Do the lake trails guys, beautiful. We didn't see many people as it was threatening rain and late in the afternoon when we started. We didn't make the waterfall as we did pack out in the dark but we will go back, at least to the lakes. Happy trails!