Ashmore has 3 trails: a loop around wattacoo lake and two out and back trails - the yellow which goes by Ashmore falls to oil creek Rd / oil creek falls, and another to a rock face of Green Mtn - Chandler Rock. All 3 trails are covered with wildflowers.

We were hoping to see the pitcher plants in bloom. No such luck. There was a side trail to a monument to Mr. Ashmore, which was neat. No real way to get to the waterfall. :(

The view at the slab was very beautiful (lots of green and downtown Greenville was barely visible)! It required some persistence to get there. Lots of yellow star grass and after the big slab, we continued until we encountered a white fringetree. Also good views of the cliffs on Little Pinnacle mountain (the Oil Camp Creek valley). Got.lost coming back and eventually came back on Lawton Road.

If you stay on the trail the hike was pretty strenuous in that it just went up. Not much to see and easy to wander off the trail, which I did twice accidentally (and those were the only times I saw something worth stopping to look at). Passed only one hiker and passed through many many spiderwebs. View at the top was kind of neat, but I probably wouldn’t hike this trail again.

trails begin a short walk down road from parking. to the right is wattacoo lake loop (1.5 mile loop) and straight is mountain bridge passage trail (1.6 miles),which is the one i took. great trail. not very busy, doesn't look very used - nobody there when i went. some fallen trees, nothing too bad. not too narrow, perfect for me and my dog. a couple nice bridges over the creek and one small "waterfall". got to the end and it was just 1.5 mile walk back to my car on the gravel road.

good hike, wandered around a lot. Took the orange trail down to the old camp, kind of felt haunted. Then took the purple trail around the lake. Made it over 6 miles, saw 2 people.

Great views after a 2.1 mile moderate to difficult climb.