If you are looking for colorful, easy to see birds, then Sachuest Point National Wildlife Refuge is the place to be. The refuge is home to the second largest wintering population of harlequin ducks on the Atlantic coast. The harlequins, named after the clowns they resemble, can be seen along the refuge

Parking was very limited but once I could get in it was quite worth it. The seashore view was absolutely breathtaking, the cool water was so refreshing, and plenty of places to picnic. I plan to visit again this year.

Great family January walk

Beautiful scenery! I choose to run this trail in the morning, there was low traffic and very quiet! Easy run, joined with great views! Highly recommended for all levels of runner and anyone looking to share a walk with mother nature!

Very nice. Volunteer Lori very helpful and nice.

This place is truly amazing. I havent met the crabby reiser miser , but they will not be escorting me off these trails by any means. The trails are beautiful and at dusk are overtaken by many many deer. To the previous hiker who was harassed by the reisers , dont let these people ruin what is a great place for a relaxing walk. Go back again and enjoy. Its also a beautiful place to go early in the am for sunrise.

Volunteer Barbara Reiser and husband think they own Sachuest Point trail land and they have right to "escort" people off the trail! I was peacefully walking my dog, missed no pets sign, first time - when Reiser's husband runs up and charges me, screaming "Get out off the trail NOW!" Confused and bewildered by being verbally accosted by this stranger after peacefully walking on the trail, I questioned his outrage. If asked respectfully to leave, I would have - no problem. But he then tried to "escort" me off the trail, walking at my heels, stopping when I stopped- TELLING me he was "escorting me off the trail". BARBARA REISER then walks up and calls police saying "I am refusing to leave." I was not refusing to leave, I was refusing to be TREATED LIKE THAT and I was DEFINITELY refusing to be "escorted off the trail" by a couple of lunatics! BEWARE OF THIS ABUSIVE NASTY PAIR WHO THINK THEY OWN FEDERAL LAND!