If you are looking for colorful, easy to see birds, then Sachuest Point National Wildlife Refuge is the place to be. The refuge is home to the second largest wintering population of harlequin ducks on the Atlantic coast. The harlequins, named after the clowns they resemble, can be seen along the refuge

I love this path! It’s my go to when I want to walk outside. There can be a lot of people but the ocean views make it worth it.

Really easy 3-mile loop with several spots for shore access. I enjoy taking a book out on the rocks and enjoying the summer breeze. Great for birding.

This trail is one of my favorite destination in Rhode Island. The ocean shore view from this trail is absolutely breathtaking esp on the eastern side of ocean view loop trail. The various observation platform is great as well but I like just to get down to the beach and walk along the rocky beach as well.

love it. third time here.

Favorite place to walk!!! The views are amazing!!!! I go a few times a week. Really enjoy it, and relaxing.

Warblers and sea birds so come early and bring your binoculars! Also excellent place for those who like to watch butterflies. Gorgeous sea views top it off.

I love this spot! A beautiful trail that great for anyone. Gorgeous views!

Beautiful views and well kept trails with access to the ocean and benches along the way if to take in the view.

Please wear long pants, hiking boots, long sleeves, and a hat to protect from ticks; dressed appropriately and two buggers still tried to use me as a food source.

Easy walk with beautiful views all along the coast.

Easy walk beautiful views

What a beautiful place this is! Nicely maintained trails with amazing ocean views (there are views all around directly from the trail as well as several observation platforms). SO MANY birds! I'm not a bird watcher, but I saw birds here I've never seen elsewhere in the state. The only drawbacks I can mention are that it was fairly busy, LOTS of poison ivy (so stay on the trail), and others have mentioned ticks (though I didn't encounter any). This was my first walk through a Wildlife Refuge; I think I'll now seek them out!

Nice views. Check for ticks.

Bring binoculars if you have them. Lots of wildlife: deer, seals, hawks or snow owls have been spotted.

Easy trails! Lots of winter waterfowl to see. Bring binoculars. Helpful visitor center center

Nice easy stroll. The wildlife and ocean views are great! Deer, birds, and sometimes seals. There is also a little museum to explore, Great for kids, not for dogs

Great Trail, great views!

trail running
Thursday, September 07, 2017

Amazing views and bunnies galore. Great little trail running loop or family walk. Definitely a treasure. No dogs allowed.

I can see the appeal of this place and why everyone has given it such great ratings, however, I personally was not a big fan. Yes, it is a pretty trail with some awesome views of the ocean, but i didn't like it much because it was very busy and hot since there's barely any shady areas. It was probably 80 degrees the day we went, nothing crazy, but felt really hot because of the lack of shades. Additionally, we wore bug spray as we always do but still found some ticks on us when we got back to the car which has not happened to us on any other trail before.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Parking was very limited but once I could get in it was quite worth it. The seashore view was absolutely breathtaking, the cool water was so refreshing, and plenty of places to picnic. I plan to visit again this year.

Great family January walk

trail running
Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Beautiful scenery! I choose to run this trail in the morning, there was low traffic and very quiet! Easy run, joined with great views! Highly recommended for all levels of runner and anyone looking to share a walk with mother nature!

Very nice. Volunteer Lori very helpful and nice.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

This place is truly amazing. I havent met the crabby reiser miser , but they will not be escorting me off these trails by any means. The trails are beautiful and at dusk are overtaken by many many deer. To the previous hiker who was harassed by the reisers , dont let these people ruin what is a great place for a relaxing walk. Go back again and enjoy. Its also a beautiful place to go early in the am for sunrise.

Volunteer Barbara Reiser and husband think they own Sachuest Point trail land and they have right to "escort" people off the trail! I was peacefully walking my dog, missed no pets sign, first time - when Reiser's husband runs up and charges me, screaming "Get out off the trail NOW!" Confused and bewildered by being verbally accosted by this stranger after peacefully walking on the trail, I questioned his outrage. If asked respectfully to leave, I would have - no problem. But he then tried to "escort" me off the trail, walking at my heels, stopping when I stopped- TELLING me he was "escorting me off the trail". BARBARA REISER then walks up and calls police saying "I am refusing to leave." I was not refusing to leave, I was refusing to be TREATED LIKE THAT and I was DEFINITELY refusing to be "escorted off the trail" by a couple of lunatics! BEWARE OF THIS ABUSIVE NASTY PAIR WHO THINK THEY OWN FEDERAL LAND!

nature trips
Saturday, March 12, 2016

fireplaces are nice and plenty of beautiful areas


This place is absolutely beautiful! I definitely will be returning! Highly recommend!

Beautiful New England trail with meandering river throughout. Unfortunately, needs some TLC as trails were not blazed nor maintained. Found myself bushwacking for a time. Should be great in fall

Very Easy Walk, NO shelter from overhead sun. Great views! wild(?) life will let you get very close. I was less than 5 feet from a rabbit before he hopped away, not quickly.

A very nice trail, though on the easy side. If you want to have a great run, start down by the beach, run along till you hit the rocks, then rock hop (builds agility/strength, and is pretty darned fun) till you get to the refuge. Once at the refuge you can go whichever way you want, but I found the trails mostly flat and relatively boring (view is amazing though, especially at sunset). To have a fun trip back to the start, head down one of the "fisherman's paths" they have listed back to the rocks, and then rock hop your way home!

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