Flat. Beautiful views. Great for running.

I prefer a hike so I rated it 3. It's a nice place for a walk and very crowded. I don't think it's a moderate walk. Very easy and some benches throughout the walk.

25 days ago

1 month ago

A leisurely stroll down memory lane : )

Pretty - and it's easy, not moderate

I jog or walk this path pretty much Monday through Friday it's a great stress reliever, not hard at all, and just over a mile and a half. usually a nice breeze and the scenery is breath taking. the map isn't entirely accurate, as they created a loop path now.

nature trips
2 months ago

This is a really neat feature super easy hike by the ocean. Not great for a work out unless you feel like jogging, but it's hard to heat the views.

3 months ago