Beautiful and gives you a view of what rocky point was before, with a bunch of rocks to climb etc.

Beautiful walk along the water. They have added another path to create a loop. Completely paved and very easy.

Gorgeous park, paved path, places by the ocean water, and remnants of the old amusement park. Absolutely gorgeous Easter Day. Will return! 2 miles of paved path.

Wonderful trail, beautiful views, tons of memories, great company, just a fantastic day. Exercise the ole fashion way

they added more to the trail it has a loop now the ocean front property makes for a great hike

Very peaceful and scenic for a casual stroll.

Great elevation for people that want to just stroll and see the water.
Wheelchairs and strollers are easy to handle on the smooth paved path.
The wind was mild, but can get strong - so hold your hat!
Plenty of joggers, a few cyclist (really too short for a goor bike ride), and tons of walkers.
Parking can fill fast, and then you have to park out on the road (which isn't restricted - just not convenient.)
The park isnt restricted to just the walking path either. We concluded the walk by taking an old broken up section of Rocky Point Rd and hiking back out to Palmer Rd and finally the lot.
Lots of locals know about it, and it is right in the neighborhood, watch your speed and watch for kids.

Didn't meet one dog that wasnt friendly either (or person for that matter).

Wednesday, July 03, 2013