Spectacular views. The mountain laurel and mossy rocks give this section of woods a storybook feel. Favorite spot in RI, hands down.

great circuit. definitely challenging towards the end but worth the hike

3 months ago

Exciting !

nice hike

on Long Pond Woods Trail

4 months ago

best trail in RI

Really love this for a workout! Combining trail and roads, 2nd time here.

Hiked from Canochet Rd lot down to Ashville Pond to Stubtown Rd lot. Then opted to return walking the back roads for a little more aerobic walk. There is a spot on the trail down where you have to do an immediate u turn on a ledge that is not clearly marked! But having AllTrails shows you exactly where you are so you can't get lost.

Not sure if we parked in the wrong location, trail was nice, lots of rocky inclines but lost the yellow trail abruptly. Just suddenly ended. Tried to find another trail, drove to another spot that looked like it would take us to another pond but nothing was marked.

Going on a hike this weekend! can't wait! thank you all for the cool reviews :)

I loved this hike. Has some challenging and rocky sections. Overall, it was a very enjoyable hike. Incorporated Yawgoog pond, Ell pond, and Long pond into this hike and turned it into a 8.5 mile hike.
Definitely one of the better hikes in Rhode Island. I will definitely return.