2 months ago

Two years ago I reviewed this trail after hiking it in April. The lack of trail markings is still a problem. There are many interconnecting trails (not shown on the AllTrails Map). If you are not using GPS then you are going to have problems. I saw no trail markings for the first 2.4 miles of this hike. It wasn't until I reached the Midstate Trail that I found the first blaze. I found that the short part of the Midstate Trail I hiked was well marked. The North-South trail was also very well marked. Then we returned to the unmarked Benson Mt. Trail. The hike is a good 7 mile hike although several parts of the trail were underwater. I'm sure that in a couple of weeks, that issue will go away. Excellent pet friendly, family friendly hike. It is a bit long for younger children. I gave it 3 stars because of the lack of trail markings and few points of interest. The only points of interest on this hike were the tri-state marker and frequent markers denoting the Mass-RI . border. Other than that, it is a nice moderate walk in the woods.