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Loved it!
Great meadows and trails.
Just didn’t like the sounds of distant gun shots :(

I came in from Carrs Pond rd, near Middle rd. Its kind of Once I arrived at to the pond, I just walked the perimeter. I was a beautiful, wide open trail. Though it not well marked, Its still easy to get around, and was beautiful on a snowy day.

Great trail. Don't forget blaze orange during hunting stream. Loved the beaver dam.

mountain biking
4 months ago

Great trail with a lot of single track options as you go.

i haven't done this yet but plan on it but if it's anything like the carrs pond hike 4.1 miles the blazes will be awful and advise you have a fully charged cell to follow with gps or you're lost..other tgan poorly marked i loved it.

trail running
5 months ago

end of the trail was washed out, had to double back to the 328 off trail but a great easy trail. majority of it is a fire road with some minor ascents. tarbox pond isnt much to look at but carr is gorgeous.

5 months ago

Many trails . Lovely waterfalls and pond. Trails not well marked but I tried to stay on perimeter of the pond. No bugs!!!

Very disappointed in this trail. Trails are very poorly marked, there was broken glass everywhere on the trail. Many people with dogs off leash that were bothering my appropriately leashed dogs. Very highly trafficked, no time for a quiet moment.

Its very pretty, with lots of little breakoff trails to the water. Only caution is many dogs off leash which can be nerve wracking. Ive ducked and dodged with my own on leash dog several times because of off leash dogs who seemed to not have much training. If its a concern Id say off season or during the week to avoid the bulk of traffic. At least directly around the pond. Its a very nice hike and even during the peak of bug season I didnt have many problems.

6 months ago

Can someone tell me where those stone circles are? Can't find them

No trails are marked bring a gps or your phone with this app. Lots of trash everywhere, but other than that Nice views decent hike

Walked with my two dogs to the pond. As you can see from my photo there is a mud and stick dam. It was leaking and ready to burst. If it had let go me and my dogs would have been swept away. My 20 lb dog would not have serviced. I will never go back. The leaking mud stick dam is not visible until you are right in front of it. Scary, stay away!

7 months ago

Very pretty wooded trail, easy to maneuver. Wasn't super clearly marked, but the map feature on this app made it easy to figure out where to go! Bring bug spray if you're going in the afternoon.

7 months ago

No markers on the trails so it was a bit difficult to follow but we still had fun exploring! Easy enough for the kids to keep up with us (5 and 7 year old)

i would give this place 5 stars because its so beautiful and large.. but there were no blazers on the trails, and when they were it was incredibly difficult to follow.
overall, love this place.. the trails are just difficult to follow

10 months ago

ok but thete was mountain bikes and dirt bike did see some bull frogs

10 months ago

Great all around trail and easy to follow

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Nice hike. Not very difficult but long enough for some exercise if you do the full 4 miles or so. The only thing I would warn people about is the inconsiderate dog owners who refuse to leash their dogs.
I saw several people there today some of who had dogs with them. About half of them had their dogs unleashed. You know the situation, your walking with your family and LEASHED dog, when around the corner comes an unleashed dog that of course is going to come right up to your dog sniffing, then the barking starts, then the idiot owner says" she's friendly, don't worry." Meanwhile my wife nervous, kids are a little scared and I'm pissed off. Some people think the rules apply to them i guess. Thanks for screwing up an otherwise great afternoon.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

It's a bit treacherous crossing the streams with random planks of unstable wood. I had two of my sons and myself step into the river on a chilly day.

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